Thoughts for No One in Particular

The Correlation between will and way

Oh, what a comeback! I was watching a sports game last night, and the team I was rooting for looked like they were about to lose, falling too far behind. But none of the players on the court gave up. All their teammates and the supporters believed in them and cheered them on. Their coaches and data analysts gave them all the tips they could offer. And a couple of winks from Lady Luck, and in the end my team came out the winner in a grueling three-hour match.


The teams were evenly matched. The game was a teeter-totter throughout. It could have easily gone the other way. So what made the difference?


Maybe it was the will.

For last night, I clearly saw in the eyes of every player on the court they wanted the win. And they somehow found the way.


But did not the opponent team want to win just as bad? From the standing, they needed the win more than my team did. They were the underdog coming in, so the win would have meant more to them.


Then, maybe “where there’s a will, there’s a way” is not always a true statement. Just because you want something does not mean you will get it every time. A will is not a cause that will unfailingly result in a way.


But that is not to deny that there is no correlation between will and way. I believe the will was the most significant factor that turned the tables in last night’s match and showed the way to a win. And it brought about some additional factors which maybe had some further effect to strengthen the relationship between will and way – support from loved ones, assistance from experts, and luck, to name a few.


So, although we cannot say that there is a direct causal relationship between will and way, we should not be so quick to dismiss the link altogether. At the very least, if you do not show your will, you will be less likely to have the additional factors like support, assistance, and luck on your side. And if you do not will anything, there will be no way presenting itself to you.


Maybe the statement should read “where there’s NO will, there’s  NO way” to make it true.

Let me start with this will: let us all be allowed to have and pursue a will. I wonder which way this will will lead you…


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