Thoughts for Myself

Catching up by slowing down

I have been having a frustrating month this month. I try not to let it show, but I am afraid it is starting to show… or better put, it is the no-show that is showing…


Oh, I am not trying to confuse you! But I wonder if any of you have noticed something different about this blog this month? Something missing that used to appear fairly frequently. Something that is not integral to this blog, but nonetheless has occupied a fair share up until last month.


Well, the difference is due to a setback I have caused myself. The slow-down is really frustrating me, making me do the exact thing that I should stop doing (but it’s a bit embarrassing to talk about this exact thing, so I’ll scribble about it when I’ve gathered enough courage to admit doing it). I was on the brink of getting into a vicious cycle.


But, I had a few kind helpers who have kept me from falling off the edge.


First, it was the four wise beings:



“Why won’t you come sit with us and enjoy the slow life for a little while?”


Then, there was the master:



“Wanna know how to take it slow? You’ve come to the right place!”


And finally, the all-knowing philosopher:



“You only got to catch me lying here because you slowed down to look around, you know.”


Maybe I would never have noticed or sought advice from any of them, had I not had the setback.

Maybe I would never have cared to listen to what they were telling me, if I was not made to stop by a slow-down.


Maybe the best time to catch up with the things I have been missing out is when I am slowed down.


I am still very frustrated. But I think I can begin to handle the frustration better and learn to take things slow, now that I have been able to catch up with so many experts in this field!


So, any guesses on what is different about this blog this month? I left a clue in the tags…


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