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The subject-object relation

Did it occur, or did it not?


One side says it did, the other side says it did not. An interested but impartial third party could not tell if it did or did not, because it could be taken either way. Another party, a disinterested and distant one, missed out on it entirely, and thus, was in no position to tell if it did or did not.


So, is there anyone who can tell, with absolute certainty, that it did or did not occur? Is it possible to be completely objective? How do we know what is real and where the truth lies?


I was an interested but impartial third party of an event last night. I could see how one side would claim it did occur and the other side would deny it did. I recognized how each side perceived the event, and I believe I understood both sides’ arguments on why they thought it did or did not occur. I felt that, although there were some reality to both sides, neither were the whole truth.


Maybe there is no one reality or truth.

Maybe there are as many realities of and truths to something as there are people experiencing it.

Maybe reality and truth are objects of our perception and interpretation, and subject to vary among us.


Then, maybe what is important is not that we reach an agreement on what the reality or truth is, but that we come to accept the fact that there will be different explanations of them.


Maybe we need to realize that reality and truth should not be subjected to objection, for they will always be objects of our subjectivity.


So, to me, the truth of last night’s event is, it occurred to some, and it did not occur to others. That’s the reality for me, the only thing I can tell with absolute certainty.


2 thoughts on “The subject-object relation

    1. So I hear, notewords – if the only reality we can be sure of is our own, I hope we’ll all be allowed a clear and full perception of it. I wouldn’t wish for anyone to have to doubt their reality because it’s being clouded or obstructed by others…

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