Thoughts for No One in Particular

Conservation laws

So, in the previous post I mentioned why on some days I leave the water running. In this post, I will tell you about this one particular type of water I have come to save up – my tears.


I used to be such a cry-baby. I fell, I cried. I lost, I cried. I got insulted, I cried. Whenever I got upset for not getting what I wanted, I shed my tears. Sometimes in pain, sometimes in frustration, sometimes in sadness. But that was when I was still a baby… people around me let me cry myself to sleep and make things all better for me by next morning. In a way, I did get my way after all.


But time soon came for me to grow up. I was on my own to pick myself up off the floor when I am knocked down, to redeem myself when I am defeated, to seek worth in myself when I get belittled. I found out in time that crying myself to sleep would not make the situation any better. It simply left me high and dry the next morning. And I would be no closer to getting my way.


Then, maybe if I had the momentum to cry over spilt milk, I can conserve it to instead lift myself up and keep moving forward.

Maybe if I had the energy to cry for the moon, I can conserve it to instead analyze the causes of my failure and come up with improved plans toward success.

Maybe if I am charged up to cry my eyes out, I can conserve charges by finding ways to become positive even when people rub negativity on me.


And when all these conservation are observed, maybe I would have grabbed hold of what I want with my own two hands – at which point, I have triumphed. And I can finally cry all the tears I have saved up. In Joy.


Now, of course, there are always exceptions.


Maybe I will not be able to resist a few tears drop… from watching irresistibly cute animal baby documentaries.

And maybe I will not be able to stop tears from running down my face… when I cut up onions and leeks and other foods that water your eyes.

Or maybe I will let a couple of tears “accidentally” fall on my cheeks… to help me win someone’s heart over.


All made possible by a little bit of conservation.


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