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Sending lucky stars!

When I was little, there was a period I honestly believed I was an extraterrestrial… Okay, so I was probably heavily influenced by a certain early ’80’s blockbuster Sci-Fi movie by S.S. about an alien stranded on Earth. But tell me, did you too not dig the glowing fingertip, even a little bit?


Well, for whatever reason, for most of my childhood I thought I was really from another star – Mars, to be exact. In time, I grew out of it, but I continue to be fascinated with this celestial body. So, when I heard on the news that Mars is at its closest to Earth in eleven years and would appear five times as big as when it is farthest away, it brought back a lot of memories. I was a little child again, looking up to the sky trying to figure out how I could phone home.


But, for the past week, whenever I look up, I am obstructed by clouds. I have yet to catch sight of my home planet… at this rate, I would never be able to contact my fellow Martians to pick me up!


So, to have some luck come my way, I thought I would wish on some lucky stars by doing another thing I used to do a lot as a child:




I had also grown out of paper-folding, but it looks like my muscle memory remained intact… either that, or I chose a simple enough pattern I could not possibly go wrong on. I had so much fun making them, I could not stop. You know, I almost didn’t make it here tonight!




Good thing I couldn’t make them any smaller, or else I would still be working on them. But I think I have made more than enough lucky stars for myself, so I thought I would send a few over to my people in the regions affected by the big earthquake in mid-April. Hopefully, they will bring some extra luck their way in recovering from the disaster and returning to everyday life.


Maybe you can join me in sending lucky stars to my people?


Just as with all the previous get well messages which started with sending flower power, you are not asked to do anything special or extraordinary. Only that, if you know of any stars that have brought you luck, you would kindly share it with my people… I am certain it will make their eyes light up like stars!


Maybe you can let me know of your lucky stars by leaving a comment below?


Again, no need for you to go out of your way. But I am curious as to what kind of stars people wish upon to bring luck their way. We could all use a bit of insight in having Lady Luck turn our way, couldn’t we?


Thank you as always to all my visitors for stopping by to read my post(s). It is your views, your follows, your likes, and your comments that push me to aim higher and reach for the stars. Here, I’ve even got some treats for you today while you are here – enjoy!



“Confeito” (tiny colourful sugar candies which are sometimes called “star candies” in my mother tongue for their shape… originally introduced to us by Portuguese explorers over 400 years ago)


4 thoughts on “Sending lucky stars!

    1. Now, notewords, are they the ones that moved by pulling on their tails? Yeah, the good ol’ days… when papers were still in mainstream use and things were operated manually XD Everything seems to go so much faster and easier these days, but sometimes I miss having the time to catch a breath while waiting for the slow and bothersome papers to come around…

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  1. Pattern: “Origami Star Dish / Bowl” by P.K. (I found it here)
    Paper: origami papers with Yuzen patterns printed
    Size: [largest] about 7 centimetres or 2 3/4 inches, [smallest] about 1 centimetre or less than 1/2 inch


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