Thoughts for No One in Particular

Words to exhaust

It is official – yesterday, we entered the rainy season for this year in my region. Many of my people dread having to endure the dark skies and high humidity for the next month and a half. But personally, I enjoy it quite a bit.


I like wearing rain boots and stepping into puddles (but only when no one is watching, because I’m not a child any more). I am fascinated by the fact that there are so many colourful umbrellas dancing around on the streets, yet no two seem to be the same. I admire the beautiful music raindrops play, sometimes sombre and sometimes lighthearted. I am delighted by the way the greens become greener in rain.


And I love finding out the many words my people have invented to describe all these.


It is said that we have around four hundred words to describe the different types of rain, and plenty more to depict how it falls. They are so finely differentiated, it is too tiring to find the exact one and the majority of them will never be used in the course of our lives. They are so complex, it is impractical to use all of them in everyday conversation. They may make us sound intellectual, but it does not seem worth our time to memorize them all just to appear smart.


But, the words convey our beliefs and wishes, our emotions, and our way of thinking regarding the rain. They indicate how big an influence rain has over our lives and how intricate our relationship with it is. They show how important rain is to us, and how much we care about it. It is quite exhilarating when you are able to come up with the exact word and communicate precisely with it… it makes you appreciate the thorough inventory of vocabulary available to you.


So, maybe words can sometimes be exhausting.

Maybe they are so overwhelming that you will want to stop trying to find a more appropriate one to portray how you think and feel and to reveal what you want and need.


But maybe if you really wanted yourself to be known and understood, you must search exhaustively for words that can best represent you.

Then, maybe you will have a better chance at people wanting to get to know you even after you have exhausted your words.


Is it raining in your region today?


Maybe it is “keeping rain,” as we call it – rain that keeps you from leaving.

Maybe someone wishes you to stay a while longer, so they can listen to you talk until you have exhausted your words.

Maybe that someone is me… I will not exhaust you any more with my words, so you can enjoy your stay here as long as you like!


2 thoughts on “Words to exhaust

    1. Oh good, notewords, you got the gist of the rain – I was worried that its loveliness have gotten lost in translation.
      I seem to remember our rainy seasons being calm and gentle when I was younger, but in recent years they’ve become much like your summer rains… climate change is happening, as we speak 😦

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