Thoughts for No One in Particular

Enablers of life

This morning, I found in my mailbox a message from the Dean of my alma mater. To be honest, I usually leave them unopened… sorry sir, but most of them tell me about events I am physically unable to attend, articles and videos I am temporally unable to go through, and requests for donations I am financially unable to respond to every time! But wait, what’s today’s? None of these, so I decided to open it.


It was about this year’s Commencement, and among other things, the address he gave to the new graduates. To be honest, the one I was given on my Commencement is irretrievable… sorry sir (although it was a different Dean back then), but I was too excited then that I was emotionally unable to encode it properly in my memory, and I am too old now that I am mentally unable to recall it at will. But I wonder if I watch this year’s, I might be able to remember mine? Worth a shot, so I listened to it.


Well, I tried, but nothing came back to me. To be honest, I think many of the Class of 2016 will show the same symptom when the same amount of time has passed… sorry sir, I do not mean to be disrespectful at all, but we are often unable to make someone remember our words even if we address them individually, so it should not make us feel bad if we are unable to reach with our words an entire crowd. If it is any consolation, I heard you well on the other side of the planet – couldn’t we at least say that’s better than nothing? It’s a start, so I thought of what could follow.


Maybe the vast majority of the words we utter disappear into thin air, never to be recovered.

But maybe a few can be discovered where least expected, if continually dispersed.


How can I help?


Maybe I do not have all the answers right now.

But maybe I will someday, if I listen carefully and generously to what others are demanding.

Maybe I will not like or agree with all of it, but every additional piece of information will help me in finding the answers.


So, then, what truly matters?


Maybe that we ask questions in order to get answers. And not just any questions – well-thought out, well-constructed, and well-organized questions. In other words, good questions. Maybe they are the enablers that will get you what you want out of life.


There are so many things in relation to my alma mater I am unable to do, but they have done a wonderful job instilling in me the enablers of life. I feel enabled when I ask good questions. Honestly.


Congratulations, Class of 2016, and good luck in all your future endeavours – may good questions guide you through!


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