Random Thoughts

Missing the point

I thought it was supposed to be fun and exciting, not frantic and eruptive. An occasion to admire and applaud, not abhor and appall. An event held in good spirits and faith, not in spite and fury.


I think I have mentioned before that I become an instant fan when big sporting events are held. It does not matter which sports it is or where it is being held. Even if I cannot watch it live, I love to follow as closely as possible.


So, when I tune in to catch the results and hear more about the scrap than the scores, it throws away all my thrills down the chute and brings chills up my spine… I do not just enjoy it less, I get worried that I too will be seen as a hooligan if I say I have become a fan of the sport.


Maybe I am missing the point.

Maybe it is only a very small fraction of fans who are disruptive, and they should not be taken to be the dominant ones.

Maybe their presence should not affect whether or not I remain a fan and keep watching the matches.


But the teams these non-representative fans were supposedly rooting for missed out on a couple of precious points needed to advance further in the tournament. I do not think their misbehaviour had a direct impact on their teams’ performance, but I do not see how it could have helped. If they came to be supporters but failed to be supportive, maybe they have missed the point.


Violence has no place here. This is one point I would not want anyone to miss – fan or not. I sincerely hope that the rest of the games will be fun and exciting, an occasion to admire and applaud, and an event held in good spirits and faith.


Good luck to all the competing teams… may the best point-getter win!


A last note: A soft-spoken man, G.H., but you made your point very clearly with your acts. I am sure we will remember you just as you appeared, on and off the ice… Sad to see you go, Mr. Hockey.


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