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Follow the falling stars

It rained pretty much all day today in my town. It rained as if the sky could not stop crying… it must have been “tearfall” – what we call in my mother tongue the rain that falls as though the sky is shedding tears in sympathy with your sorrows.


At times, it rained so hard, it made some other things fall. For example:




These tiny falling stars came from this flower in my backyard (well, almost):



Hydrangea – “heartfelt emotions,” “thank you for understanding”


Maybe it was not yet their time to fall, had the rain not shot down on them.

But maybe they were in the venue that made them most beautiful as they were, in wet weather.

So maybe we can remember them for the beautiful lives they lived, in all colours, shapes, and sizes:



(I tried to make a rainbow with all the hydrangea I saw today, but they didn’t come in certain colours… instead, the symbol for cycle of life and rebirth in Aztec mythology made a special appearance to add extra colour!)


Maybe the “tearfall” today will keep the grounds soft, so it will not be hard-landing for the falling stars.

And maybe rainbows will follow their trails, dropping new seeds of love in all colours, shapes, and sizes where they have fallen.

Then maybe mankind will be reborn from there… and finally stop hurting to start healing.


Maybe you can come sit with me here, while taking shelter from the “tearfall,” and pray with me that the sorrows will be sublimated in the rain so it will not feed into the vicious cycle of hatred and violence.




My thoughts are with you tonight, Orlando.


2 thoughts on “Follow the falling stars

    1. Thank you, notewords – I was at a loss for words, but the rain and the flowers helped me out. I wish I got a little more out of the snail, though… I waited forever for him to come down onto one of the leaves for a better photo, but he just wouldn’t cooperate 😦

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