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Speaks for itself

For the record, he has never done it for records or recognition. They are all secondary to his love for the game. And he prides himself for staying focused on the passion and not the by-products. So he would speak (perhaps happily) about what motivates him to continue surpassing old records, but he would find it senseless to speak about what the new records mean to him.


He would simply let the records speak for themselves, and humbly accept any recognition (or rejection, for that matter) he receives for them. But with or without them, and whether or not with asterisks, his focus remains on the main issue – his love for the game. Nothing more, nothing less.


At least that is the way I see my countryman athlete who keeps climbing over walls so many people have said were too high for him.

Maybe he has the talent and acquired skills to set records of his own.

But maybe it is his passion that makes them waypoints and not goals.

Maybe his ultimate goal is set on a completely different level altogether.


As he climbs over one wall after another, I am seeing a new dimension to his love for the game – records of his interviews show they are speaking to younger generations of players, inviting them and encouraging them to break his records one day. But that would be difficult without the kind of passion he has, I think.


Then, maybe he loves the game so much, his ultimate goal is to get more people to love it as much as or more than him? I have a hunch that I am not totally off the mark.


He said that the surpassing of the old record may have meant something to him if the previous record-holder had welcomed it.

Maybe all he wanted was to finally share the love for the game with the only other person who has achieved as much as he has, and was all the more disappointed to see on record the feeling was not mutual.

So maybe he is going on record, with numbers and with everything else, hoping to get more people to love the game so the climb over the walls for his successors will not be as lonely as it were for him or his predecessor.


Congratulations, I.S., on recording yet another successful climb over a wall!!

Maybe there are some people who will argue exactly what your records should speak.

But let the record show, there are so many more appraising you for the way you handled the entire matter, never losing your love for the game.

I think this record really speaks for itself. No arguments here.


I wish you all the best in climbing over all the other walls you have your eyes set on, and I truly hope there will come a day you will be able to share your love for the game with another of your kind.


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