Thoughts for No One in Particular

A breath of fresh air through open doors

Most of my country is still in the rainy season, but summer is coming. Last weekend, a few cities had what we call “heat wave days” – days on which temperature exceeds 35 °C (95 °F). Add in the humidex factor, and it makes you feel like a dumpling cooking in a steamer! Air-conditioning, or at least a fan, is a must-have item nowadays.


But how did my people in the olden days survive the heat wave without modern-day cooling devices? Apparently, they built houses that, when doors are kept open, create a natural ventilation system… something to do with heated roof causing hot air rising, pulling cooler air in through the doors, creating a constant airflow from the outside to inside (sorry, I’m not a physicist, so this is the best I can do to explain!).


How clever were they?! They knew that if they wanted to live comfortably even in harsh conditions, they needed to bring in fresh air, and the way to do it was by keeping the doors open.


Maybe we are more technologically advanced than our ancestors in creating artificial airflow within closed doors.

Maybe we have become better at shaping our environment to fit our lifestyles.


But maybe we are suffocating ourselves this way.

Maybe we need to find ways to adjust to nature, rather than to force nature to accommodate us.

Or else nature will be destroyed beyond repair, and maybe we will be displaced from our habitat without a place to go.


Are you feeling stuffy lately?

Do you feel like you have come up against a brick wall?

Maybe it is because your doors are closed.

Maybe if you open them wide, airflow will be created and you will be able to take in a breath of fresh air.


Dumplings are yummy food, but as lifestyle… not something to be pursued!


P.S. Today is World Refugee Day.

It concerns me greatly that more than 65 million people are displaced from their homes due to conflicts we humans have created. But what worries me more is the increasing number of doors being shut in their faces. In our day and age, people’s movement across borders and continents is naturally expected – I wish that we all keep our doors open so they can come through. Maybe they are just the breath of fresh air we have all been looking for.


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