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A midsummer night’s dream?

It is not often that I remember the dreams I dream in my sleep, but last night’s remained clear in my memory when I woke up. It was a beautiful but scary dream so I will not go into details about it, but it was so real I was unsure if I had really woken up when I opened my eyes.


Afraid to go back to sleep again, I decided to go out for a walk in my backyard (not!) to shake the dream off. Today is summer solstice – the longest day of the year – plenty of time to come out of the dream and back to the real world.


But, as we are still in the rainy season, the world I saw from under my umbrella looked a little separated, somewhat distorted, and kind of unreal.




Hmm… maybe I am still in my dreams?


Then, maybe I can be as radiant as a…





Or maybe I can be as attractive as a…



“Black Pearl”


Oh, but wait, maybe I am just like this…



“Maria Callas”


…measly bug, awed by others’ glory and clinging onto it for dear life.


But then again, maybe I am just like this…




… daring butterfly, taking a short break from life but now ready to fly high, even with a broken wing.


Ah, so many possibilities, both good and bad, beautiful but scary, in my dreams… or am I back in reality?


Maybe it is scary to keep dreaming. But maybe the world stays beautiful by keeping the dreams alive.

Maybe my dreams are measly compared to others. But if I dare to dream, maybe they will come alive one day in the real world just as beautiful as in my dreams.


Well, the longest day has passed and the shortest night is now here… or maybe it is all one long midsummer night’s dream that I have not awaken from, in which case I would not mind waking up to this beauty:



“Morning clouds” (named for its resemblance to the skies at dawn)


Happy June solstice to everyone, and to all those at midsummer festivities, have fun daydreaming!


2 thoughts on “A midsummer night’s dream?

    1. Thank you, notewords – I have dreamy days from time to time (never too old to dream, right?), especially in the rainy season when everything seems extra magical in the misty air. The roses were the very last for the season, but I think the rain magically preserved their beauty 🙂

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