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Prove us right

The official notice is out – the Upper House election is on in my country of origin. There will be an eighteen-day period during which candidates will run their campaigns and potential voters will evaluate their views on contended issues. So many candidates, so many issues, so may decisions to make… or not?


We endorse both the constituency and proportional representation systems, but this time around, in nearly half of the constituencies (or about one-fourth of all seats in contest) there are only two candidates – one for the ruling party, and one for all opposition parties. And the main contended issue appears to be whether we approve or disapprove the achievements of the ruling party since the last election.


Maybe not too exciting, compared to some other voting events happening around the world.

No issues that require big decisions to be made now, determine future paths forever, or split the nation in half. No sides too tough to choose, and no consequences too irreversible to undo… put differently, we have room for mistake.


Then, maybe this will be a good start for a new group of younger minds who will be exercising their right to vote for the first time in this election.

Maybe this will be a good opportunity for them to learn how to make important decisions without feeling too much pressure and worrying too much about the repercussions.

Maybe this will be a good introduction to them on how to come to have something to say and think of ways to make their voices be heard.


And maybe this will be a good test for the election system, the political parties, and the older voters to change to get the younger minds more concerned and involved in the future of the nation.


It is their future more so than ours.

If we have given them the right to vote to make decisions as adults, we must also give those means to make responsible choices whose consequences they will be happy to live with when they become our age.

If we have educated them well, we can trust them in their ability to choose for themselves.


Maybe this election will not be a big decision to make for our nation.

But maybe this will be a good judgment time to review how we educate our young minds, so that when judgment time does come for the nation to make tough choices with irreversible consequences, we will all be happy with the decisions made.


Young minds, I encourage you to vote to choose your own future… and prove to us we have educated you well!


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