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Sending good vibes!

It was exactly ten ago. I scribbled about the mighty pinky and my story on how life has changed since I got this pair of mischiefs behaving. I thought the story ended there, but I think I underestimated its mightiness… I now have a sequel to tell!


It all started with a comment I received on the post (thanks, N!), telling me another fascinating story of the mighty pinky. It must have made quite an impression on my mind, because it made me notice something I would have simply walked by without a glance before I was told of this story – a group of performers of flamenco dance and music doing a free show at a train station a couple of days ago.




It was at the end of a tiring day, in a rush to get home so I could put my feet up, at a station I do not usually stop over. But when I was given this flyer, curiosity got the better of me… I just had to see for myself the right pinky in action! Conclusion? To tell you the truth, the guitarists were too skillful and the pinkies moved too fast for my eyes to be conclusive.


But the guitars and the songs and the dances were performed very passionately and I received good vibes from them. I ended up staying for the entire show and went home feeling much better. But hang on, the story does not end yet – with the good vibes, I took home a piece of new knowledge about hand fans and shared it here, and we now have a new fan of fans… good vibes are spreading in evolved forms!


In the past week, the everyday lives of my people who were hit by the big earthquake back in mid-April were once again disrupted, this time by record rainfall. So this week, I want to send good vibes to them, especially to those feeling disheartened to see all their efforts to get back their lives flooded and washed away overnight.


Maybe you can join me in sending good vibes to my people to lift their spirits?

(And to all my Asian and Pan-Pacific neighbours suffering from extreme weather, be it heat waves, tornados, or “firenados.”)


As with all previous get well messages which started with sending flower power, you do not have to do anything special or extraordinary. Only that, if you have some music, or any other thing, place, or people, that give positive feelings to you and cheer you up, you would kindly share it with my people.


Maybe you can tell me about your good vibes in the comments below?


Once again, there is no need for you to go out of your way. But, do feel free to create your own good vibes if you are so inspired!


Thank you as always to all my visitors for stopping by and reading through my post(s). The simple fact that you are here already gives me good vibes, but to be motivated by your views to scribble on my stories, then to see them take another form in you… it is truly vibrant!


4 thoughts on “Sending good vibes!

    1. Oh, it was brilliant, notewords – absolutely loved every second of it! And you’re right, music needs no translation to be heard because it speaks directly to the heart 🙂 But my insatiable curiosity with the right pinky of flamenco guitarists… what am I to do with this emotion?!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, tell me about it! I guess it’ll remain for some time on my “to do list.” But I’m determined to see the right pinky in action some day… I’ll be sure to let you know if I ever succeed 😉


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