Thoughts for Myself

Always giving

I had a very exciting and stimulating day out with a sweet friend today!

It always gives me pleasure to see her and gets me excited to meet up with her because she always gets me to give thoughts to things I have never bothered to and stimulates me to do things I never imagined I would do.


This time, our main aim for the day was to give a shot at seeing fireflies in the middle of the city. These bugs can only survive near the cleanest of waters, so they are usually never seen in the cities. But a few places have just enough cleanliness to invite them in during their mating season, when the boys light up their bottoms and give their best to attract girls. It was nearing the end of the season, so I was skeptic of seeing any and had already given up ten minutes into wandering around.


But my friend, she was a lot more optimistic. We heard some elderlies saying “we used to see them flying everywhere, but now it’s only in restricted areas… sigh” as they walked by us, but she whispered to me “so that means there are still some… let’s give it a bit more time.” And thanks to her always giving spirit, we were able to see more than we expected by the time the place closed!



Please don’t laugh, this is honestly the best photo I got…


Before we parted, she gave me credit for planning a fun outing and thanked me for giving her a chance to see fireflies for herself for the first time in her life. Oh, she is always so giving!


Maybe it is because she is so positive and energetic that she can be so giving.

Maybe she has so much hopes and aspirations in her that she is always able to give her all.

And maybe that is why she is so successful at giving life to things, even when others like me feel something has got to give.


Maybe I am not as positive and energetic as she is, so I cannot always be so giving.

But maybe, just maybe, I can give one more go at something I am just about to let go.

And maybe this decision will be the decisive factor in what I will be given in life further down.


Maybe I should give myself a shove to get moving while I am still excited and stimulated!


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