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Oh, you’re sooo good!

People, I found my dream home today!




Okay, so it is not quite white but it has picket fences, and just look at the gorgeous backyard… how could you not fall in love with this place?




It was built around the time my grandmother was born, and had to undergo over two years of repair works recently, but it is so well-built it looked like it could last another lifetime and continue to exist as a dream home.


Very unfortunately, it was not up for sales – it used to be the town house for the family of a former head of the region most affected by the big earthquakes back in mid-April, and the premises had already been donated to the municipality a while back. It was never meant to be mine… SIGH.


I originally visited this place just to bring home some goodies for tomorrow’s post, but a couple of current residents made me feel so at home I did not want to leave!



Lizard: “I’m not a gecko – what your people call ‘the house protector’ – but I’ve been watching over this house all my life, dreaming for the next master to come… are you the one?”

Me: “Um, I really wish I were, but I don’t think so… not yet, anyway. But I’ll be sure to visit again, so see you around!”



Dragonfly: “I saw you checking out the house very keenly… I’m usually busy chasing the girl of my dreams, but I figured I’d stop by to say hello to the next potential owner!”

Me: “Aww, how sweet! I’ll be sure to remember your face if I do become the person who you think I am!”


And while I was having these conversations, another lovely pair, five-year-old girls who turned out to be fellow visitors of the place, made me stay even longer.


The girls:

“What’s this brown thing with a long tail doing sitting on the stone?”

“Why isn’t this blue thing with very thin wings flying around like its friends?”

“How do these things (pointing to water striders on the pond) walk on water?”

“Where’s all this buzzing noise (of cicadae) coming from?”

“These are plum trees? When will they become pickled plums?” (Apparently, there were some in their lunch today and they wanted more)

“By the way, who are you and what are you doing here?”



“Wow, slow down… I can’t answer all your questions at once! I’ll answer a few, and give you hints on others – you can tell me what you’ve found out the next time we meet!”


Maybe I am not too comfortable interacting with others and I know I am not very good at it.

Maybe I like to be left alone and keep my life simple, away from relationship complications.

Maybe I tend to avoid attracting too much attention from others and wish to stay out of their curiosity.

Maybe I get a little intimidated when people show interest in me despite all my effort… what could they possibly want from me?


But today, I felt none of these and I enjoyed the company of everyone I interacted with. I had such a good time, before I knew I was making promises to see them again, from the bottom of my heart. Oh, they were sooo good at bringing out the better part of me!


Yesterday, I was contacted by someone who showed interest in me, but I felt reluctant to reply. But today, after the encounters I had, I feel much more at ease to find out what got them interested.


Maybe they could lead me to a progress in my journey to the mystery goal.

Maybe if I interact with them, they too will bring out the better part of me.

Maybe I will give it some more thought… I hope they will be patient with me.


Oh, I almost forgot – there was one more being I saw today. You remember him, do you not? (He looks so much cuter in person!)



Kumamon: “Hi, everyone… thank you so much for your continued love and support!”


6 thoughts on “Oh, you’re sooo good!

    1. I’m sure Kimamon is glad to see you too, notewords – he’s very alive and kicking, busy receiving donations and thanking the generous givers. I think I’ll let him have the house for now… it’s for a good cause 🙂

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