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Sending artsy ice!

Earlier this week, I mentioned I went to a lotus pond nearby. I said I would tell you why I went in another post… well, here is one of the reasons:



An amateur ice sculpture contest


It was another hot and humid day and the ice blocks were melting rapidly as they carved. One sculptor could not complete his piece because it broke right in the middle. Another had to literally cut short because part of his piece literally could not stand the heat. Yet another finished too early and his piece had melted away considerably by the time the j/udges came around. And I had a very small window of opportunity to take photos!


I could not get them all while they were at their most beautiful, so I decided to have a little fun elsewhere… I present to you my photo gallery, titled “How far we go to get to it”:



Sea bream: “Umph! How high do I need to jump out of the lotus pond?”



Sweetfish: “I see it, but the lotus leaf is in my way and won’t let me near it!”



Swordfish: “Let me have a try… almost there!”



Crane: “Fishes can try all they want, but I’m gonna beat them to it from above!”


It was a very hot and humid day, and the ice blocks were melting rapidly. But the contest area was definitely a few degrees cooler thanks to the sculptures. And it made me feel cooler looking over the photos.


So I thought this week, I would send these ice sculptures to my people affected by the big earthquakes back in mid-April. Their rainy season has officially passed, and they are having the hottest and most humid days of the year… I heard on the news that they could not wait to see crushed ice sweets stores open, so how about some blocks of ice also?


Maybe you can join me in sending some ice sculptures?


Just the same with all previous get well messages which started with sending flower power, nothing special or extraordinary is asked of you. Only that, if you happen to come across ice / icy / icicle / icing? / iceman?? arts, you would kindly share it with my people.


Maybe you can take a snapshot of your version of ice sculptures and post it on your site?

And maybe you can let me know by leaving a comment?


Again, no need for you to go out of your way. But the next time you eat or drink something with ice in them, maybe you could find hidden arts in them?


Thank you as always to all my visitors stopping by to read through my post(s). Your views and likes make my heart melt faster than these ice sculptures! I am never quite sure how I am doing getting to you, but I hope that there are some things here that reach you before they melt away completely…


2 thoughts on “Sending artsy ice!

    1. Thank you, notewords – I think you can tell from all the heads at the bottom of the photo that you were not the only one who loved the sea bream! I took its photo first, and it became the inspiration to all others that followed 😉

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