Thoughts for No One in Particular

What remains at the bottom

I wanted to scribble about this set of “maybe’s” yesterday, but maybe the case for it is made stronger posting it today…?


What a coincidence that, on the same day I mentioned autoimmune diseases, there was a scientific publication announcing the discovery of a new gene associated with an autoimmune disease which could lead to new treatment possibilities! And what is more synchronous, it turns out the discovery was made possible by a “viral” fundraising campaign that swept the world a couple of summers ago!!


Back then, there were views that the rapidly transmitting chain reaction of people emptying the frosty contents of buckets on their heads was just an infectious phenomenon with little good… and possibly more harm, taking away attention from the disease itself, from other diseases that could have benefited more from the funds raised, and from making rational and responsible choices in the midst of faddism.


But, maybe despite all the evils that were thought to have been emptied out, there remained something at the bottom of the buckets.

Maybe it was hope, much like in Pandora’s box – hope for those who fear loss of words (among other things) from the progression of the disease.


Maybe the viral bucket-emptying acts were a vaccine shot for the society – with proper attenuation and detoxification of evil sides, it will bring about much good.

Maybe it is to be added to our memory – as a successful prototype in defending hopes and finding remedy for disease-stricken situations.

Maybe it is to be diversified to many other causes of value – to better our odds at discovering new seeds of happiness for many more who continue to seek it.


Maybe not all “viral” spreads turn out as well, or are as good in nature, as this one.

But maybe we must keep looking for some kind of hope that remains at the bottom of each.


Well done to everyone who took part in the discovery, researchers and the ice-covered alike. The news could not have come at a better time for me, in so many ways. I cannot wait to hear the next words to come from the project team… or will they be from the patients who are saved from losing their faculty of speech? In any case, I hope you will keep up the good work!


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