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If I have the time

The day I dread every year has come again… the rainy season for my region has officially come to the end today. *BIG SIGH*


I dread the day not just because I like the rainy season and I hate to see it go, but also because when it is over, the hot and humid summer inevitably follows. As I mentioned before, I am often referred to as a “polar bear” by my family and friends for my inability to adjust to this weather, so the day is a real downer to me.


And what makes me even more bummed is the (seemingly) worried looks people give me.

When I show up at work, they say “oh, you haven’t hibernated!” and I think in my head “at least get the word right… it’s called aestivation when done in summer!”

When I get ready to go out for lunch, they tell me “be careful not to melt out there!” and I silently yell back at them “yeah, like you when you’re at your desk!”

And when I leave my seat to answer the call of nature, they inform me “you can take a longer break if you’re not feeling well!” and I reply soundlessly “no thanks, I have no need, unlike you with your cigarette breaks!”


Maybe the heat and stuffiness is really getting to me and they are right to be worried.

Maybe I have no reason to be upset at them for expressing concern for me.

Maybe I should be grateful, not grumpy, to know how much they care.


Or maybe they are just kidding around and I should just laugh it all off?

Maybe I should let it all pass, because they simply do not know the length I go to get ready for this season every year?

Maybe if I have the time to imagine talking back to their every word, I can better use it to be more constructive… like plan my weekend outing (without them, of course!)?


Ah, that reminds me of a daily comic strip S.’s L. which I used to L-O-V-E to read – the story takes place in the southern sea, where a polar bear T. makes repeated appearance… I believe there was even a period of time he did not return to the North Pole at all, enjoying the summer weather and activities too much!


Maybe if I have the time to dread the hot and humid (and this year, apparently long) summer, I can better use it to dream about becoming the “polar bear” no one ever expects me to be!


Oh, how I would love to see a look of surprise on their faces and to leave them completely speechless… I think I have just started to get the hang of how to have some serious summer fun in my own little way.


The day I dread every year? Maybe not so much for the polar bear in me. Rraaahh!


3 thoughts on “If I have the time

    1. Oh, stop, notewords – you’re making me want to hop on a surfboard and visit you right now… and I don’t even know how to surf! Jokes aside, do keep warm and enjoy while you can having an excuse to stay indoors to get some serious tatting done 😉

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