Thoughts for My People

Sending power foods!

Let me begin this post with a fact: today is referred to as the “day of the ox in the Earth period of the summer season” in my culture. Oh, I can just see you frowning in confusion… what exactly is this day, and why is it specially mentioned?


Well, just about everybody in my culture knows what this day is, but very few also know where it comes from and why we made it important. Including and especially me. So, I read up on it all morning today. And my conclusion is, it is too confusing to explain!


So let me just give you the short answer to the “what” – the day is specified in a traditional way by a combination of the twelve Chinese zodiacs (ox), the Five Chinese Elements (Earth), and the four seasons (summer).


As for the “why,” the day almost always falls within the time of the year we call the “Major Heat” (a fortnight of the hottest days of the year according to the Chinese calendar), so it became the signature day to eat power foods in order to beat the heat.


And the most favourite power food to eat on this day for my people is…





They are usually split open, broiled, and dipped in special sweet soy sauce (some long-established eels-only restaurants even keep the precise ingredients of their sauce secret!), and placed on top of rice, like this:




Eels are historically and scientifically proven to be highly nutritious, disease-preventing, and health-promoting. My people love them, but me, not so much. I never really joined in on the hype… until this year, that is. Look what I found:



Eel-shaped chocolate bread (the same one sneaking in from the left in the first photo)!


Okay, so maybe these ones do not have the same “powers” actual eels do, but would you not agree that chocolates are just as much a power food in so many other ways? Well, I am going to send both the real and imitation eels to my people who were affected by the big earthquakes three and a half months ago – I think and hope that the eels will have a synergistic effect in their beating the heat and feeling rejuvenated.


Maybe you can join me in sending power foods to my people?


As with all other previous get well messages which started with sending flower power, you need not do nothing special or extraordinary. Only that, if you, or your family and friends (humans or animals), or your kind (ethnic- or dietary preference-wise) have power foods you would like to recommend, you would kindly share it with my people.


Maybe you can take a snapshot of your version of power foods and post it on your site?

And maybe you can let me know by leaving a comment?


Once again, you do not have to go out of your way at all. But we all try to eat what is good for our body and mind when we are in the heat, literally and figuratively, do we not? I would love to know what keeps you cool and helps you pull through!


Thank you everyone, old and new, repeaters and first-timers, for taking the time to come here and read through my post(s). I cannot tell you just how much power foods you feed my head and heart every time you show up… I can only hope I am cooking them to your liking!


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