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The colour of your smile

I had been waiting for this day to come for nearly a month now. I had taken the day off from work to join in on an exciting outing, and I was so looking forward to it. But, at the last moment, it was put off due to unfavourable weather conditions. (I have been informed it will be re-scheduled, so hopefully I will be able to tell you all about it in a not too distant future.)


So, all of a sudden, I had the whole day off with nothing to do… and I am not very good at adjusting to sudden changes in plans. I searched on the Internet to see if there was somewhere else I could go, but nothing got me excited and I could not motivate myself to leave my room. So I looked instead for something to do indoors.


It took a while, but I found something – maybe some of you remember that, a few months ago, I had seriously damaged my laptop and I had to get a new one. Well, I immediately had the injured one taken to the “doctors” and it was “hospitalized” right there and then, but it was recently “discharged” and had been recuperating at home. I figured, what better time than today to start its “rehab”?


(By the way, I don’t think you need any advice from me, but I really recommend making back-ups… it’s cumbersome, but I tell ya, it can save you a lot of time, and misery, in the long run!)


I turned it on and looked through the data that were restored. Or so I tried – the very first folder I opened was one containing very old photos, and it was the only one I got through today. You know how time magically flies when you look through old photo albums, don’t you? I almost did not make it back here in time for today’s post!


I got stuck especially on this particular part of a photo:



Rain boots of me (left) and my brother (right)


Maybe it brought back a lot of memory. My mother used to dress us in different colours of same outfits all the time… I look like a miniature version of my brother, the pose and everything, it is too embarrassing to show you the entire photo!

Maybe it brought back the emotions I felt then. My brother had just entered primary school and it felt like he was severed away from me, so I was very excited to have something in common with him… even if it was only a pair of boots.


And maybe it brought up some questions. Why were my brother’s boots blue and mine red… why not the other way around, or some other colours?

Maybe it brought up some suspicions. I look through my wardrobe now and I see some reddish items, but I see more bluish items, and I see greenish items the most… so did I really want to wear red back then?

Maybe it brought up some doubts. What if the colour you prefer and the colour you are given are completely different… and what if they are both still different from the colour you look good in?


But I looked at the photo once again, and the questions and suspicions and doubts disappeared – just look at the big smiles we have on our faces!





The colours on the outside did not seem to matter an ounce to us back then. Why should it now? We only have a finite amount of time – maybe we can best spend it looking for inner colours that make us most happy, and thus, smile the most radiant.


What is the colour that brings out a smile on your face?



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