Random Thoughts

Silence speaks the loudest

He’s done it again – another milestone record surpassed!


But hang on a minute, did he not achieve it a few days ago, you say? Well, I did think about celebrating on the very day of achievement, until I read a comment from his long-time colleague and good friend K.G. Jr., who said he would wait to congratulate him until he surpassed the record. It hit me that maybe there is significance more in the surpassing than in the achieving of the record, so I decided to wait as well.


I believe recognition is well-deserved for another extraordinary accomplishment in his already brilliant career. I would think it made him very proud to join a club with only twenty-nine other members in over a century of the game’s history. I can see many agreeing with me when I predict that he will become an instant legend when the time finally comes for him to hang up his shoes.


Yet, I do not think these are quite the things that motivated him to get to where he is today. I am sure he appreciates all, but even if there were none of them, he would still go about his game exactly the same way. It struck me that maybe he has his aim set elsewhere, so they are not things to achieve but things naturally amounted, just like his records.


Maybe it means more for him to surpass than to achieve the records, so as to be recognized for still having what it takes to be on top of his game.

Maybe it means more for him to surpass than to achieve the records, so that he can pride himself in still having the will to continue doing what he has always done.


As I have said before, I personally think every record he has surpassed speaks for itself in a universal language. But apparently, to some people, records must be spoken in a certain language to be unconditionally acknowledged. And sadly, to a subset of them, records must even be commented on in a certain language to receive fair respect… and they are certainly not afraid or ashamed to voice these claims loudly!


What does he say about these claims? Surprisingly little. He says he knows about them, but remains largely silent. He only says he finds it more important to see others become happy seeing him achieve records than seeking his own happiness in his accomplishments. It came home to me that maybe he finds no importance in speaking, in any language, when it comes to attaining his ultimate goal.


Maybe it means more for him to surpass than to achieve the records, so that he can provide more occasions on which others will fall in love with the game he so loves.


And we all know, love is something that surpasses all languages and transcends all negative feelings, do we not? So, maybe by staying silent, he is speaking the loudest – he is speaking a universal language of love for the game just with his records, reaching a far greater fan base than those who speak about them in a certain language.


That is why I thought it more appropriate to congratulate him on surpassing than achieving the latest record, to show appreciation for his undying devotion to make the game truly language-free and borderless.


Well done, I.S… I hope to see you achieve and surpass many more records on your way to your ultimate goal. I cannot wait to hear your next silence speak loud once again!


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