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Reaching in from outside

What and how much has happened in four months?


Four months is the time that have passed since the first big earthquake hit the Southwest region of my homeland.


Since a month ago, we have finally been able to find the only person who had been missing… just in time to welcome him back for the Ghost Festival. The landmark castle of the area most affected got some much-needed reinforcement to a part of its structure which had been standing merely on a thin column of stone wall, just in time to avoid any further collapse. Temporary houses and towns are continuing to be built at a high pace, allowing many to move in just in time to take shelter from the approaching typhoon season.


These are a few notable progress I have seen and heard in the news over the past month, giving us hope and keeping us motivated in moving forward. But it is the many problems suspended and standing still receiving little notice in the news that must be resolved in order to really get moving in recovery.


Maybe the problem of a serious shortage of fund and service providers in clearing and processing rubbles to secure necessary land must be resolved before reconstruction of housing and transportation can really begin.

Maybe the problem of a large and long-lasting loss of established attractions to bring back businesses and tourists must be resolved before resurgence in local economy can really be seen.

Maybe the problem of an insufficient infrastructure in keeping track of the physical and mental health of the affected must be resolved before reacquisition of everyday ordinary life can really be felt.


These problems are not easy to resolve, but they are key factors influencing the roll-out of the recovery plan announced by the government of the area most affected earlier this month. They could really use some creative concepts and innovative ideas – some thinking outside of box – to arrive at solutions quickly and effectively. And I think one way is to keep them readily noticeable to as many people as possible, especially to those living outside the affected region, so we can really get thinking about them.


Last week, there was another news that went relatively unnoticed, but which I thought could become a superb platform to think outside of the box, especially for those living outside the affected region. It was announced that a recently released augmented reality game P.-Go will tie up with the affected region (as well as region affected by the big earthquake and tsunami five years ago) to support their recovery efforts. It is hoped that the players will help out by playing the game in the affected regions, but I personally hope that they will also assist in a more active and involved manner by coming up with creative concepts and innovative ideas from outside the box.


I thank you for keeping my people in your thoughts through my posts. The continued love and support that reach us from the outside, near and far, really give us much courage and determination to keep pushing ahead!


And I wish to send my continued love and support to the people of Ecuador through your Olympians… I am so glad you were able to send them off to the Games, and I hope my loud cheers will reach you to help you push ahead along with us.


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