Thoughts for No One in Particular

All storms will pass

We had a very harsh weather in my town today, with rapidly developing thunderstorms and heavy rainfalls on and off all day. I had been checking the weather forecast closely, so I was well-prepared: I geared up with my “get-down-to-business” umbrella (as opposed to “look-at-me-I’m-pretty” ones) and rain boots, and left the house earlier than usual in case of disruptions in public transportation.


I also allowed flexibility in the day’s work. Ordinarily, I would like to carry things out on strict schedule, but on a day like this, I put safety and dryness above all… if I happen to be caught in a stormy moment, I wanted to have time to let it pass so I would not have to risk getting electrocuted or soaked to the bone (and enjoy the beauty of natural spectacle full of flashes and splashes!).


The weather forecast was accurate enough to keep me safe and dry, and have all planned work completed. I did get stalled, but still got to go home early! I would say the storm was no bother and the day went quite well for me.


But, while I took it easy, I watched many others scrambling amidst the lightning and rain. To them, it must have seemed like the storm was nothing but a nuisance and the day was met with one adversity after another. Where did this difference come from?


Maybe they did not check the forecast, or take it seriously?

Maybe they checked the forecast, but did not find it necessary to prepare accordingly?

Maybe they did prepare, but not sufficiently?

Maybe they thought without good grounds that they could get by without a good plan?


The forecast is readily available and we have high-quality rain gears at decent prices, so there could not have been any reason not to prepare. And had they prepared, they did not have to run around in the storm looking for shelter, because they would have known when it would pass, and where they could pass it. They certainly would not have had to complain about the damages to their fancy umbrellas and pretty shoes!


Storms are hard to weather… in nature or in life. But maybe if you make good use of forecasts and prepare the best you can, you will find a way to step out of them and watch them pass. Storms come and go, so theoretically, they should all pass. If you feel like you are stuck in one for a prolonged period, maybe it is because by scrambling in panic you are inadvertently moving along with them.


The weekly weather forecast for my town says that we should expect a few more days with sudden storms. Hopefully, I will see a few more take precautions and ride out the storm in good condition.



The always dependables!


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