Thoughts for No One in Particular

Elusive but enchanting five minutes

I usually do not watch a lot of TV, but I do have a few favourite programmes I just cannot resist watching. If I am lucky enough to catch them, I stop doing everything else to watch.


One of them I particularly like, but requires all my attention if I am to catch it fully. It is a five minute programme at the end of the day every week-day. Doesn’t seem too hard to catch, you think?


Well, it is much harder than you expect!


First of all, five minutes before midnight is a fairly busy time of the day. I could be going through my mails, doing the dishes, taking a shower… or anything else that needs to be done before I go to bed. If I am too absorbed in any of them, I could easily miss watching the programme altogether.


Second, I am always overly confident that I can spare a mere five minutes a day, but end up spending a minute here and a minute there doing things… and the next thing I know, I have no extra five minutes to watch the programme.


And third, even if I miss the programme, it is only five minutes out of my entire life (if I live eighty years, that’s five out of 42 million minutes). Besides, it is on five days a week, so I will get another shot at catching it in twenty-four hours (or 1,440 minutes)… hardly any damage done.


I probably miss watching it more than catch it fully. But I would still name it as one of my most favourite. It varies by day, but it has a mix of cartoons, comedy, animals, science, and songs – all too short to mean much, but long enough to let you forget everything else for a short while. And at the very end, it “announces the arrival of tomorrow [my translation],” and I am made happy that I have lived to see another day.


Maybe we let five minutes of a day elude us all the time.

But maybe they could be the most enchanting five minutes we can have in a day.

And maybe they could be the five minutes that will take you from today to tomorrow.


If you have five minutes on hand, don’t let them slip away – ride them high and slide into tomorrow in style!


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