Thoughts for Myself

See you seeing me

Maybe I worry too much about how I am seen by others.

Sometimes I wish I could say “who cares?” to people’s expectations and just act the way I feel deep down in my heart. But my concern over how others would evaluate me if I did strongly prohibits me from baring my soul.


Maybe I place too much emphasis on what others perceive me to be.

Sometimes I wish I could say “your vision is blurred!” and just show all the things I am capable of being. But my focus on staying within their sight, however misperceived, distracts me from correcting their vision.


Maybe I am too scared to break out of the image others have created of me.

Sometimes I wish I could say “that’s not me!” and just be the person that I am (or aspire to be). But my fear of not being accepted (or even worse, being denied of my dreams) upon revealing my real self largely discourages me from coming out of my shell.


But then again, maybe I am seeing things too one-dimensionally.

Do I really know what others expect of me and how they would evaluate me in fulfilling those expectations?

Do I really know what they hope to find in me and how they would perceive me scanning and searching me?

Do I really know what images they have of me and how willing they are to change them if I break them?


Maybe I need to turn my eyes more towards how I see others seeing me.

And from there, maybe I will get a better view on what is expected of me and whether it is worth meeting all those expectations.

Maybe I will gain a better perspective on how I am perceived and whether it is necessary to correct all those perceptions.

Maybe I will have better ideas on how I can become who I want to be and whether I need approval by all others.


Then, maybe I will have a better vision on what form to take, gaining a more multi-dimensional existence both others and I will be glad to see as is.


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