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Sending Mother Nature’s lullabies!

This is where I went today:




A land of fantasy? Well, as surrealistic as it appears, it is a flume existing in real life at the west end of my town. I had a pretty crappy week this week and I needed to get away to a place that could cleanse off all the icky feelings that have piled up inside… and this is where I decided to go.


It was my first time there so I did not know what to expect, but I fell in love instantly! It is only a few steps away from civilization (the closest train station is just three minutes away on foot), yet completely isolated from its surroundings. The moment I wandered in, the air felt much cleaner and fresher, and a few degrees cooler as well, and all I could hear were a variety of serene tunes of Mother Nature’s lullabies (sorry I have no audio, but I think they are better heard with your heart’s ears):


A cantata by the water splashing down the falls, echoing throughout the flume (it is said that the place is named “Echoing Flume” in my mother tongue in reference to these falls)…




… and the soft tingly voices of a stream branch flowing into a little garden, designed so that passers-by can stop by to listen in on the faint sound of water trickling…




…and a B-I-G chorus by the different cicadae in the woods by the main stream, including the “sun-setters” – it is still hot, but autumn must be just around the corner now that they have started to sing!




After only a couple of hours walking around, I was greatly soothed, my mind was tranquil again, and I felt as good as new.


My teensy-weensy frustrations of the same-old everyday life are nothing compared to what my people in the regions affected by the big earthquakes back in mid-April must be feeling as they try to regain their everyday lives… and the hot and humid weather is definitely not helping! But I think Mother Nature’s lullabies work equally well, regardless of size or kind. So, this week, I am sending her sweet voice to them in the hopes that it will do the same wonders it did for me today.


Maybe you can join me in sending lullabies you have caught Mother Nature singing to my people?


As with all other get well messages which started with sending flower power, nothing special or extraordinary is asked of you. Only that, if you can think of any of her songs that have washed away all ill feelings out of your heart and made you feel you could start afresh once again, you would kindly share it with my people.


Maybe you can take a snapshot, or even an audio, of your favourite lullaby by Mother Nature and post it on your site?

And maybe you can let me know by leaving a comment?


Again, you need not go out of your way. But the next time you go out to take a walk, by yourself or with your human or animal family or friends, maybe you will hear Mother Nature making an impromptu lullaby out of your footsteps, and you will be made very happy to hear it… she is such a great singer / songwriter, you know!


Thank you to everyone who stops by here to read through my post(s). Hearing old footsteps come back for more and new knocks on my door are equally comforting lullabies! I do not always sing soothing songs, but I hope there is something to sing along to for all of you, old and new.



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