Thoughts for My People

The decision we make today

Making a decision can sometimes be very difficult.


Maybe there are too many options to choose from, but none that stands out… or worse yet, the one that stands out is not necessarily the one you should be choosing.

Maybe you weigh all the pros and cons you can think of, and still cannot find a clear choice.

Maybe there will be just as many, or more, who will oppose your final decision as those who will support it, no matter what decision you make.


But, sometimes a decision must be made, without too much time for contemplation. Then, what would make a decision swift but not in haste, concise but not short-cut, and definitive but not exclusory?


Maybe identify the many limitations and hindrances there are in making a decision, in order to set an obvious goal the decision should aim to attain.

Maybe consider your competencies in resolving all imaginable consequences so that you can weigh heavier towards being safe than being sorry.

Maybe find a common ground, with supporters and oppositions alike, in the criteria or deciding factors when making the decision.


And maybe have full confidence in the decision once you make it, never doubting whether you did your best contemplating in the given situation.


Today is “Disaster Preparedness Day” in my homeland, a day to check our decision-making process when faced with natural and man-made disasters. It is a day to remind ourselves that the process begins far ahead of the actual (or predicted) onset, always exploring ways to lessen limitations and hindrances, better our competencies, and fine-tune criteria or deciding factors in making swift, concise, and definitive decisions in disaster situations.


But, it is also a day to understand that we can never be fully prepared to cover all risks – we must always expect something unthinkable, unimaginable, and unpredictable happening when managing crises. It is a day to make sure we never underestimate the limitations and hindrances, overestimate our competencies, or downplay the importance of setting criteria or deciding factors to avoid making hasty, short-cut, and exclusory decisions in disaster situations.


Maybe today is the day to make a conscious decision to learn how to make even the most difficult decisions.

I can only hope that my people see this as one decision that is not at all difficult to make… and one that can have enormous effects on the most precious goal we seek – the safety of all our lives.


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