Thoughts for My People

Sending all that jazz!

I found out about this just last night on my way home:




As I looked through the artist line-up, I came across a trio from a town I used to live in in my second homeland… and, naturally, I had to go see and cheer them on! It was another hot and humid day today – not the best condition to play in, I don’t think – but they put on a superb show. It made me very proud to see the crowd enjoying their tunes and techniques (though I don’t know them personally). Well done, boys!


Jazz is a kind of music I do not listen to all the time, but love to hear whenever I get a chance to. I think I like it for mainly two reasons: its manifold influences from and on other genres of music, and its limitless possibility for growth through improvisation. It feels like the fun that the artists have playing off one another dissipates throughout the crowd and brings the entire house together.


My people who were affected by the big earthquakes back in mid-April are having a tough week this week – earlier, there was a rather strong tremblor just as we thought the aftershocks have subsided, and they may be in the direct course of a typhoon this weekend. It must be an unsettling time for them, so I thought some jazz could work some magic to bring household members together and find comfort in sharing the fears instead of feeling scared separately.


Maybe you can join me in sending what may be jazz to you to my people?


Just as with all other get well messages which started with sending flower power, you need not do anything special or extraordinary. Only that, if there is something in your house that brings everybody together, with or without all the pizzazz and razzmatazz, you would kindly share it with my people.


Maybe you can tell me about your jazz by leaving a comment?


Once again, please do not feel you have to go out of your way. If you cannot think of a particular jazz in you, you can tell me about any other influential notes or improvs and jam sessions that turned out great… and all that jazz!


Thank you as always to all my visitors for coming here to read through my post(s). I feel like painting the town whenever you take a peek, and I could brush the sky so high not even Lucky Lindy has flown. Thanks to you, I love my life here… and all that jazz!



No photos of live sessions were allowed, but I took a picture of something similar – a store painting of a gator with a jazzy look wearing a black hat and shades, and on his back, a mouse counting the beats, a monkey on the drums, a bunny playing the flute, a panda bear slamming the cymbals, a hippo (I think) playing the accordion, a lion on the fiddle, an elephant blowing the trumpet… and, you got it, all that jazz!


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