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Timeless special effects

When you want to leave a message for your family or friends or colleagues, what do you use as the medium? Do you send a voice-mail? Do you text on social media? And do they bring about the desired effect… namely, get your message through quickly and correctly, and get the recipient to react accordingly?


Well, I do not like my own voice, so no voice mails from me. And as I have mentioned in my profile, I am technically- and digitally-challenged, so I do not work with social media. Instead, I use post-it notes. Okay, go ahead and laugh if you like, but wait till you see just how great a medium they are!


Here is my most favourite:



Anyone remember the Goat Post?


This one not only sticks, it can be folded into a little letter (like on the left in the photo), so I use it to leave private messages for the eyes of the intended recipients only, like “I brought back some sweets from a business trip – thanks for all your assistance!” (Notice the black goat munching on the letter at the bottom? I am covertly asking the message be destroyed once read, so no one else will know its content… hehe)


But this will remain the most heavily used:



A shy-looking polar bear… the photo does not show it well, but it even has blushed cheeks!


This one is translucent so it does not block what is written beneath, and most of all, the recipient will instantly know it is from me… the one they call “polar bear.” I use it to leave concise messages, like “for review – your opinion wanted, please!” (Sometimes I am in such a rush I forget to sign off, but I do not worry too much… this post-it acts like a code name!)


Owing much to these crafty and creative notes, I get my messages through very well most of the time. The recipients often tell me that seeing these notes posted on their desks make them smile, even when the messages themselves do not. Some even say they enjoy the espionage-like thrill they get from the hidden intents of my messages!


Maybe they play an important role in getting my messages through – you would not shoot such adorable messengers point blank, would you?

Maybe the medium you choose via which you send your messages has far more significance than you might think – would you not rather reach for the ones that excite your senses than for those that do nothing on your eyes or hearts?


But, despite the amazing job they do to get my messages through quickly and correctly, they are seldom credited for getting the recipients to react accordingly. What, then, merits praise, you ask?


Maybe it is the addition of words “please” and “thank you.”


I like to work in a lot of secret messages in my notes, but I write out these words and express them very openly. I do so because I do not want to take for granted the recipients or their effort they will put in to react to my messages. And because my respect and appreciation for them is clearly sensible, maybe they become more inclined to respond favourably to me – would you not be more willing to do things for someone who respects and appreciates you than for someone who does not?


Maybe there is nothing special about the post-it notes and additional words I use to get my messages through.

But maybe if you choose to use them, they will become the greatest special effects that will do the trick on the recipients of your messages every time.


And the best part of it all is, you need not be trained in it, nor does it require you to obtain elaborate visual or mechanical equipment… just a few adorable post-it notes or the likes, and the rest is already within you. Timeless, no?


4 thoughts on “Timeless special effects

    1. They sure work wonders, notewords – but I’m beginning to see others use cute post-it’s as well these days! I’m a bit concerned my polar bear is too shy to fend them off… hopefully it won’t become an endangered species X(

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