Thoughts for Myself

Don’t slack off on myself

I saw a TV advertisement today that was so catchy, I just had to share it here!


It was an ad for a shopping mall. The place had recently undergone a shift in target to draw in younger women, and the ad’s intention was to promote the many new features that have been launched. An up-and-coming actress learns to play an electric guitar at an instruments shop, tries to (but fails terribly at) bake a cake at a cooking studio, puts on all sorts of headgears at a hats store, and is forced into painful positions (but unable to hold, collapses on the mat) at a yoga class… all in a span of fifteen seconds!


And in between these trials and tribulations, she says “the secret to becoming the woman I aim to be… is to not slack off on the new me. [my translation]” The ad ends with her playing the last not on the electric guitar and shouting (like a rock star) “thank you!” with a big smile.


The moment I finished watching it, I thought, what a creative yet challenging ad! It does a good job announcing the renewed mall with a touch of humour we can all relate to. But at the same time, it declares its commitment to “not slack off” on their new attempt. And it invites its new target of younger women to commit to changing themselves, through them.


I am definitely not one of their new targets. I am not sure how effective their ad is in striking a chord in the hearts of their intended targets. But the slogan really hit hard and shook me vigorously. I do not think I slack off on what I do, whether it is work or play… I try to give my best on everything I take on. But what about on my very self?


Maybe I go a little easier on myself, setting goals at levels slightly more reachable than where I really should be aiming?

Maybe I am a little too generous to myself, coming up with excuses for not being able to become who I really want to be?

And maybe I listen a little too much to others, letting them dictate who I can and cannot really be.


Maybe I have been slacking off on myself here and there, little by little, because I know no one else but I can truly evaluate whether the goals I set and how fast and far I go to get to them are adequate.

But, maybe it also means no one else but I can best empower, give confidence to, and have pride in myself.


So, maybe I will make “don’t slack off on myself” a new rule for myself, and remind myself of it from time to time so I will not lose sight of my true potentials.

Maybe my life will get a little more challenging, perhaps even a bit chaotic like the young woman in the ad… but like her, maybe I will be able to laugh off all the trials and tribulations and shout “thank you!” (hopefully in a cool way like a rock star) when I play my last note of my life.


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