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Wouldn’t have it any other way

I had a choice of two places to go today – one I could foresee being an extremely stressful occasion but with people I can interact relaxed, and the other I knew would be a very relaxing gathering but with people who could turn out stressful to interact. I had weeks to decide, but I woke up this morning and I still did not have my mind made up.


In the former, I did not want to disappoint the people I would be seeing by not showing up, but the occasion was weighing so heavy on my mind I was getting sick to my stomach. In the latter, I was really looking forward to attending (I have not been to the gathering for a while now), but there were so many unknown factors to consider I was getting dizzy in my head.


I was quickly running out of time, so I kept thinking while I had a cup of morning coffee… still undecided… I brushed my teeth… still unsure… I got dressed… still no definitive answer… I had to leave or I would not make it to either of the places! So I put on my shoes and let my legs decide where they wanted to take me.


Well, I was carried by my legs to the latter place. And there, I had a nice bowl of tea and sweets with a lovely host and wonderful fellow guests from around the world. I even got to contribute to the gathering by interpreting between them. I was thanked by the fellow guests, and the host told me the tone I spoke English in was the best she ever heard – what a compliment, as some of you may recall I really have trouble liking my voice!


At the end of the gathering, the guests were all handed out what I call a “piece of peace,” and we all parted with a warm feeling in our hearts.



The third of eight verses of a sacred chant praying for world peace – the four characters say “wind blows and rain falls when the time is right.”


I was already very satisfied with how the day unfolded at this point. But wait, it got even better! The host thought I did such a good job interpreting for her, she asked me to stay for another group of guests. She gave me such a good time, it made me very happy to be able to give something back, so I accepted without having to contemplate even for a moment.


Maybe sometimes, all the thinking and considering and contemplating will not get you to a clear answer.

Maybe no one choice will stand out and you will start to feel like whatever you decide on, it will not be the right one.


Then maybe in those instances, instead of getting stuck in your head, you can let your heart decide… or your legs run their course.

Maybe after the first step, you will see that everything naturally falls into places, and you will no longer need to think and consider and contemplate to make subsequent decisions.


And maybe when all is said and done, you will come to the conclusion that you would not have had it any other way.


Maybe there are not too many days in our lives that go by as fabulously as mine did today, but when you have one, I am sure it will make all the stomach-turning and head-spinning go right away… like it says in this extra piece of peace I was rewarded when all was said and done today (yay!).



The fourth of eight verses – the four characters say “no disasters or illnesses ever befall.”


I could never have imagined thing morning, still in the midst of the torment of decision-making, that I would have such a peaceful state of mind at the end of the day today… but I wouldn’t have it any other way! I guess wind blows and rain falls (and legs move) when the time is right, and then there are no more disasters or illnesses (or no body parts aching)…???


I wish you all a fabulous Sunday, just like mine!


3 thoughts on “Wouldn’t have it any other way

    1. Thank you, notewords – the host was such a charming lady with so many captivating stories to tell, so it made me very proud that I was able to communicate her words as well as the jolly atmosphere she had created to all my fellow guests 🙂

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