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How the polar bear came to dream on a flower bed

I had a bit of time on my hand while I was out today, so I popped into a couple of small exhibitions – one was a collection of some of the most private items of an American actress turned Mediterranean Princess, and another a photo gallery of some of the world’s most widely-known animals that are actually endangered species.


There was no particular reason I chose these two… their posters grabbed my attention, they were close by each other, and they were just the size I thought I could walk through in the time I had. Nothing more. But by the time I finished seeing all I had to see, I felt a common theme running through the two.


In the former, there were a number of displays of pressed flower collages created by the Princess. It has been more than thirty years since she completed them, so although they were well-preserved, much of the colours were lost and a few elements had fallen out of place. Nevertheless, beauty and elegance in the arrangement of elements through careful calculation (apparently, she even used a ruler to place them exactly where she wanted!) were still very much evident.


And in the latter, there were various panels showing conservation efforts of endangered species – a rhinoceros anesthetized and hung upside down from a helicopter to be carried to a refuge, a flock of albatross doing the mating dance while wearing location tracers around their ankles, and a team of wild horses being released to their habitat after being bred and raised under human protection. None of these photos looked “natural,” but diligence and persistence in their protection have resulted in their population size bouncing back and re-establishing their places in this world.


Maybe there is no way to preserve things just as they are – flowers, animals, or whatever.

Maybe it is impossible to save every aspect of them just how we remember them to be – their colours, their kinds, or whatever.

Maybe much will be lost despite all our efforts – pressing them, protecting them, or whatever


But maybe it is not all great pains in vain, and there is still something to gain – see the big smile on this polar bear lying down on a field of pretty flowers… does it not make it all worthwhile?



A part of the poster that grabbed my attention… how was I to resist this?!


The photo is said to have been taken when he migrated from the North Pole south to my second homeland and decided to take a little nap to rest up. An endangered species surrounded by flowers, the object of deep affection of the Princess…do you see the connection I saw between the two exhibitions now?


Maybe it is because of people like the Princess and the photographers of endangered species who never stop working to preserve whatever they can that this polar bear came to dream so blissfully on a beautiful flower bed… what do you think?


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