Random Thoughts

Have no boundaries

I have mentioned before that I like to spend time reading through news from around the world. But today, I spent the most time on news from one country… half planned and half unexpectedly.


Unexpectedly, because I found a couple of obituaries in the sports column which were also covered extensively in my homeland. They both had an interesting tie to us – one for an apparel brand of his name that entered the Asian market through us, and the other for playing on the same team as our compatriot. And as I read up on their stories, I found another interesting commonality between the two: they created no boundaries around themselves.


The former shot to stardom at a time when his sport was still just for those who belonged to clubs, but he used his fame and photogeneity to transform it into a game for everyone, across borders (my father was one of those strongly influenced by him to pick up the game!). The latter had to fight hard to gain a position in his sport – first by fleeing his country of origin, then exhibiting talent to be drafted – but proved that there were no borders he could not cross with his determination and perseverance.


This little finding made me take a new point of view when the planned time came for me to tune in on a live feed of a particular high-profile debate. Namely, which one of the debaters will address the topics thrown at them with less boundaries, ideologically, politically, or geographically? Which one will commit more to eliminating borders between races, religions, and regions in the world? Which one will give greater focus on unlimited possibilities of the future of their country?


Maybe I am just one foreigner whose opinion will have no effect on who will be chosen as the better of the two debaters.

Maybe my view will not matter when decisions are made on which of the two is to become their next leader.


But maybe the country they aspire to lead is in a world today with much more blurred borders and many of the topics of debate cannot be discussed without the involvement of foreign countries like mine.

Maybe that means looking for win-win solutions for all parties involved, domestic or foreign… a concept which, I believe, is widely accepted, whether in the world of politics or business.


Maybe in a world with increasingly less boundaries to divide, prosperity can be brought about much better through unity.


It is sad that the world has lost two athletes who displayed greatness in their respective sports by having no boundaries to what they could do. We will miss you very much, A.P. and J.F. I can only watch, but I plan to keep watching carefully across a broadcasting border that is practically non-existent, with the hope that the person who can do a better job letting your legacy live on will be chosen as the next leader of the country where you became such bright stars.


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