Thoughts for No One in Particular

One for all, all for one

I have a thing I do every Friday. And I do the same thing a little more thoroughly at the end of every month. So when the end of the month is a Friday, I feel a little lucky – I can finish it with less time and effort. Today is one such day, so I am feeling a little lucky!


It is nothing special, but it has repercussions in many other things I do daily. It is nothing difficult, though it may take a while to get used to doing… but once you get the hang of it, it would be difficult not to do. It requires no high-tech tools, just a box of disposable wet wipes (I prefer them alcohol-based, for sanitary reasons). And I find it somewhat meditative, letting my mind be refreshed and reset while doing it.


So, what is it I do? I clean my desk.


It all began when I kept noticing my cuffs getting dirty after work. I did a systematic search throughout my workplace and I found out that it was all because of my desk! You would be surprised how unclean your desk can get… dusts and other particles in the air, sticky left-overs from post-it notes, ink blots here and there, ring marks under your mug cups, your fingerprints, or what have you.


Ever since then, I tried quite a few many patterns of keeping the desk clean, and I finally settled at the current cycle. Every Friday and every end of month before I leave work, I take a few minutes to tidy up and wipe my desk.


Maybe at first, I did it only to save my cuffs from getting dirty.

But now, maybe I do it also to keep my mind from becoming unclear (maintaining an organized desk works magic to help you think clearer, it’s true!).


And you know what else?

Maybe at first, others around me – often times they belong to the same project team as I do – think I am a clean freak, obsessed with keeping my desk squeaky clean.

But with time, maybe they see that my clean cuffs and clearer thinking are both due to my clean desk.


I find that, wherever my desk is located, within a few months, my teammates voluntarily start cleaning their desks as well.

Maybe at first, they all do it individually, on different days and in different ways.

But in no time, it becomes a more concerted effort, towards a common goal.


And by then, lo and behold, we are not only cleaning desks as a team, we are also thinking as a team and growing as a team. Plus, it helps to wipe away any hard feelings we may have built up during the week, so we can each start afresh the next Monday!


So, maybe I do not just clean my desk for my cuffs and my mind… maybe I do it also in the spirit of “one for all, all for one.”


I wish all my fellow Musketeers a nice weekend!


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