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Two sides of the same world

Today, I went to a traditional flower arrangement exhibition my town was holding this weekend at the town hall. (Well, I must say my true destination was the tea service that was being held along it, but no one needs to know, right?) To be honest, I do not really know how to appreciate this type of art form, so I enjoyed them purely from the standpoint of personal preference.


Here are some flower arrangements that I liked. The middle one was done by a young boy… he’s got talent!




And then, there was this one, titled “mountain afar [my translation],” for the way the branch is shaped.




But I saw the shadow behind the display and thought that it was also a part of the artwork – maybe the hidden “mountain afar.” So, maybe the arrangement itself and its shadow are two sides of the same artwork… or am I reading too much into it?


Feeling that this art form was getting a little too complex for me, I left the exhibition and decided to take a walk around a municipally-owned garden right beside the town hall to clear my mind. A quiet wander along a stream, catching some ray…




… and I came across this bridge which was built over three centuries ago (unfortunately it is too fragile to cross today, but it is still just as beautiful):




It is called the “moon bridge” for the way its own structure, together with its reflection in the water flowing underneath it, makes a round circle, like a full moon – maybe without the reflection, the bridge would be incomplete. So, maybe the bridge itself and its reflection are two sides of the same structure… or am I seeking too much philosophical meaning in it?


Arrhh, I’m going around in circles in my head again! Feeling more exhausted, I left the garden and went home. As I sat down to scribble this post and went through the photos I took today, I found one that seemed somehow familiar… and realized that I had taken a similar shot back in springtime:




The top photo was taken in May of this year, and the bottom today. The angle and distance is a bit different, but I think you can tell that the tree on the right side is the same – two sides of the same garden!


So, maybe there are two sides (at least, and maybe more if we stare long enough?) to everything.

Maybe we see things differently, but we are just seeing different sides of the same things.

Maybe if we look far and around enough, you and I will both realize that we are just two sides of the same world.


Maybe the other side is sometimes difficult to conceptualize, but it is certainly there… and maybe it holds the key to appreciating the world fuller, extending beyond personal preferences.

Then maybe it is perfectly normal to try to make sense out of it, by reading in and seeking meanings.


Or am I just trying to convince myself that I have not gone crazy seeing shadows and reflections and déjà-vus?!


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