Thoughts for No One in Particular

The right road to ride on

I came home late last night, because I went to a premiere in my homeland of a 2015 American movie about a non-national revealing a shocking truth about its national sport. I went, because it made me think about how I love watching this sport, and though I had suspicions about this shocking truth, and even after finding out about it, I continued to be entertained by the game.


It was a difficult movie for me to watch. I could very well relate to the protagonist, the non-national, in the way he wished to pursue his dream of being successful and accepted in the land he adored. But I could understand just as much the fear of the people in love with the national sport of the possibility that the dreams of many of its young minds may be shattered. I could not take sides, but I could not remain impartial either.


But I think I kept a level head about one thing – it is not easy being right.

Maybe it is not easy because it is not always clear what the right answer is, and you must spend a lot of time and effort (and sometimes money) to get to it.

Maybe it is not easy because, even if you know you are right, it is not always possible to do the right thing, facing external as well as internal pressures.

And maybe it is not easy because, even if you know you are right and you are willing to do the right thing no matter what, it does not always end up a success story because you did not do it the right way… scientifically, politically, and everything else.


Maybe it is easier to give up looking for the right answer, or give in to the many pressures around you, or stop giving your all to achieve your ultimate goals.

But maybe if you do so, you will lose all hopes and end up giving away your dreams.

Maybe you will begin to doubt yourself of ever being able to accomplish anything.


I believe we all have the right to dream – to be a discoverer of a new disease, a star athlete, and everything else we wish to be. But I also believe the dreams have to be right – based on facts and truths, not on glorified false images. Maybe we dream of becoming heroes, but is it worth all the criticisms, risks of physical and mental degradation, and everything else that may stand in your way?


After careful consideration, if you still believe you got the right dream, then maybe you will be able to ride on the right road, no matter how difficult it may be to stay right.


A certain quote from the movie struck home in me. Maybe it will encourage you to keep going when you are just about to give up, give in, stop giving your all, and give away your dreams.


“You’re in trouble, but you’re not wrong.”


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