Thoughts for My People

Sending calming colours and soothing scents!

I was very shocked to wake up this morning to the news that a mountain in the area most affected by the big earthquakes in mid-April had erupted in the middle of the night. Volcanic fumes reached a height of over 10 thousand metres (roughly 33 thousand feet), showering ashes and rubbles as large as the size of golf balls in a wide range of area.


Thankfully, no one is reported to have been seriously injured. But it has started raining in the afternoon, making it difficult to clean the ashes and rubbles. It is the first long weekend since the big earthquakes that the roads to the mountain top had been reopened, but the volcanic alert level was raised to close down these roads once again – the local people are worried that the eruption will keep tourists away even longer. The view is all muddy and grey, and there is a widespread smell of sulfurous odour.


There is very little I can do at a time like this, but I thought really hard… and remembered that autumn roses had begun to bloom in my backyard (not!)



“Maria Callas,” named after a renowned 20th-century opera singer – elegant both in colour and scent


… so I decided to send to my people some calming colours and soothing scents of these roses this week. I befriended this little one, who took me around the garden to a vast array of coloured and scented roses:




Dragonfly: “This rose is named Balcalore, meaning gondolier song in Spanish. I was enjoying my stay on this velvety dark red coloured and rich rosy scented boat, but since you took such a pretty photo of me, I’ll show you the best picks of the garden… come along!”


Some other roses with quintessential rosy scent, in various colours:



From left to right: “Blue Light” – has won the grand prize in my homeland in the past for its scent; “Pink Peace” – liked by many for its intense scent; “Yves Piaget” – its scent is just as luscious as its looks


Others with a more fruity (peach- or apricot-like) scent, in a mixture of colours:



From bottom right counter-clockwise: “Youki San” – looking and smelling quite pure and innocent; “Double Delight” – has both lady-like grace and girl-like sweetness in its colour and scent; “Harmonie” – so strongly peachy all around, you can spot it from anywhere


And my personal favourite:



“Lilac Beauty” – just like the marble in its colour ranging from pale to dark lilac (sorry it does not show too well in the photo), its scent is thickly sweet but with a sprinkle of citrus swirled in


I tried my best searching for colours and scents to override the muddy and grey view and sulfurous odour, but it is hardly enough for the affected. So maybe you can help me out by joining me in sending calming colours and soothing scents around you to my people?


Just like all other previous get well messages which started with sending flower power, you are not asked to do anything special or extraordinary. Only that, if you know of any colours or scents that settle your agitated nervous feelings – they do not have to be of flowers, they can be of any organic or inorganic, mobile or immobile, parts or whole of things! – you would kindly share it with my people.


Maybe you can take a snapshot of your calming colours and soothing scents and post it on your site?

And maybe you can let me know by leaving a comment?


Once again, you need not go out of your way… chances are, they can be found right next to you. And I promise not to judge you for your unique tastes, even if it means accepting the likes of little colour spots on the ceiling and the smell of the back of the ears of your dog!


Thank you to each and every one of you for coming to visit me here and reading through my post(s), whether routinely or by chance. Your views and likes are my calming colours and soothing scents – I get agitated and nervous quite often, but it all dissipates when I come here to scribble. I know my words are hardly enough to show my appreciation, but I will keep trying my best!



P.S. I wish to also send these colours and scents to the people of Haiti, along with my love and support… maybe there is not much we can do with natural disasters but be there for one another. We are here for you.


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