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The homecoming king

It was a homecoming weekend for one of my favourite countrymen athletes, playing at a national major tournament. He is currently based abroad and is very busy competing on international grounds, so we do not get to see him come home too often, but he always seems to make the best of his return trips – for himself and for his people.


The last time he came back was shortly after we were hit by the big earthquakes in Mid-April. He was in between competitions and came home to take a rest, but he took time out of his short stay to organize a charity autograph event to raise relief fund. This time, he showed how much he has grown since he “graduated” from our domestic league by winning the tournament in a convincing manner, and used up much of his free time interacting with his domestic fans, giving a lot of hope and encouragement to those who dream of becoming a world-class star athlete just like him.


Many of us who waited for him to come home expected him to win. Not too many of us were surprised when he actually did win. We knew he would attract a big crowd of fans to come watch him play. And we all took for granted his show of appreciation for and compassion to his people. He was everything we thought he was.


But maybe we are not giving him due credit.

Maybe we should admire more his mental toughness to maintain his cool and play his game under pressure.

Maybe we should regard more highly his ability to adjust to differing game conditions than what he is used to and still pull out a win.

Maybe we should respect more his good nature to always give something extra back to his people even after he has already given more than enough.

And maybe we should give more focus to all the efforts he puts in to do all of the above so seemingly effortlessly.


Then again, maybe he will not take these credits – he sets higher expectations for himself, and he grades himself much harsher, than anyone. Even after winning this weekend, he was very hard on himself for missing the first chance at clinching the title! And maybe this is what makes him keep aiming for higher levels of play and accomplishing greater goals.


Whatever the case may be, one thing is for sure… it was a homecoming fit for a king this weekend. I believe the throne is rightly and deservedly yours, CONGRATULATIONS!!!


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