Thoughts for No One in Particular

Where good luck lies

In the olden days, the month of October was called in my mother tongue the “Month of Gods’ Absence” in most regions. This is because the eight million or so Gods who are said to reside in my homeland gather in one place (and therefore, in this place the month of October was referred to as the “Month of Gods’ Presence”) to discuss what divine interventions they will cause in the coming year. It is also a time for them to take a break from giving blessings and wine and dine on our offerings.


But if all Gods take time off work, would not the rest of the land be left unblessed for an entire month? Not to worry, there are a few who stay behind – mainly those who are related to harvesting and hauling, because it is their season to give us their blessings.


But if these Gods staying behind have to work while others take time off, would they not feel a bit bitter and give us less blessings? Not to worry, we hold festivals to thank them for staying behind, and special markets to trade harvests and hauls to spread wide the blessings from these Gods and thus, have more people appreciate their work.


But if we hold festivals and markets and spend lots of time and money for the Gods, would we not have less for ourselves? Not to worry, we gain new and renewed ties with families and friends and business partners through these events.


So maybe you do not always get to do the same things as others, or you get stuck with things others did not want.

Maybe you are left out or left behind or left all on your own.

Maybe you feel you have no luck, and resent and/or envy others.


But maybe good luck lies in what is left over.

And maybe if you dig deep and sail far enough, you will find something to harvest and haul that no one else will ever have a chance to.

Maybe you will even have influence on others, giving them opportunities to become enriched from your prosperity.


Then, maybe you would want to leave all doors open, because you are still full of possibilities – don’t take a leave of absence from yourself just yet!


I will leave you with these bits of good luck I collected when I went out today:



The fifth of eight verses of a sacred chant praying for world peace – the four characters say “nations prosper and their people are enriched.”



Flowering dogwood bearing fruits – they are better known for their pretty flowers, but look how ravishing their little red fruits are!


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