Thoughts for My People

Sending weavers of new life!

Last week, I went to an exhibition of sashes for traditional wear by one of the most renowned textile manufacturers in my homeland. (I was not allowed to take any photos as the items on display were all on sale, so the images below are from their brochure.)


This manufacturer is famous for restoring domestic and world heritage textile designs as accurately as possible, weave by weave, then adding their own “twist” through innovative techniques in design patternization, thread production and dying, and weaving. Their products are well-known for their three-dimensional weaving and luminous colours.



Just a small portion of the collection of their work in the past decade



Some examples of heritage designs from our Royal treasures (from left to right: taken from incense burners, wood carvings on architecture, and crowns) patternized



Some examples of ancient designs modernized… still majestic but also quite pop now, are they not?


I was awe-struck by their calculated and intricate yet bold and unpredictable artwork. But I was even more astounded by their dedication, and maybe devotion, to salvage what are on the brink of total loss (some only remained in photos or in writing!) and breathing new lives into them.


I believe my people affected by the big earthquakes back in mid-April were stunned to see their homes and towns crumble to pieces, but they have the same dedication, and surely devotion, to salvage what is left and breathe new lives into them. Maybe they cannot be restored brick by brick, but they can add their own cornerstone through innovative ideas. And I think the abovementioned textile manufacturer can be a good exemplar.


So, maybe you can join me in sending similar weavers of new life to my people this week?


Just like all previous get well messages which started with sending flower power, you do not have to do anything special or extraordinary. Only that, if you know of examples of restorative works through innovation, you would kindly share it with my people.


Maybe you can tell me about them by leaving a comment below?


Once again, please do not feel you need to go out of your way… but if you come across something that has existed for ages, maybe you will find much dedication, and probably devotion, by those who kept them existing, and we could all learn from their works.


Thank you very much to all those who drop by to read through my post(s). It has been a hectic week and I am so drained I have not been able to restore completely my dedication for scribbling here. But your visits have helped me keep my devotion for this place, and I look to find innovative ways to keep coming back here… we shall see how more exciting and stimulating life can be breathed into this site!


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