Thoughts for No One in Particular

A taste of treats in life

It must have been a great month for one of my favourite countrymen athletes – he was the homecoming king just a couple of weekends ago, finished a runner-up last weekend, and became a champion this weekend!


But it is not just his results that is impressive. In all three tournaments he did well, he says he was not completely satisfied with how he was playing and was not sure what he was doing right, but he still managed to get everything to click for him. He made it all look easy even to his competitors, and they were convinced his results were well-deserved.


Maybe streaks of good outcomes are not unusual in sports… athletes “in the zone” do appear invincible!

But maybe there is more to being good than simply getting the actual skills to exceed the perceived performance requirements.


Are they outside forces?

Maybe a bit of luck is needed as well.

Maybe not too much but just enough pressure works wonders.

Maybe praise, from friends and especially from foes, gives a boost.


Or could it come from within?

Maybe a vast amount of muscle memory built through training that can automatically calculate the best move to take.

Maybe a sense of pride in the quality of skills gained through hard work that can give confidence to the move chosen.

And maybe a taste of good moves actually made that can amass to provide better image of sweeter success in future moves.


Who says too much sweets is bad for you? I say getting a taste of treats in life is good for you… you should be addicted to it and keep craving for more!


I am certain that the sweet taste of a big win at this weekend’s tournament for my countryman athlete will be so addictive, it will feed in positively to his quest for what will do the trick to get him the major treats he so craves – WAY TO GO!!!


And here are some treats for you, for your success on finding your way here… I hope they will get you addicted to my maybe’s and keep you craving for more!




Happy Halloween!


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