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All roads lead to…

I am finally seeing a bit of light at the end of the tunnel I am in right now. It will not be too long before I get to hold a shuttle in my hand and wrap threads around my fingers again… HOORAY! I know I need to stay focused until all the i’s are dotted and t’s crossed, but I could not help myself taking a peek into the drawer where I keep all my handcraft works.


But before I started to think about what project to take on next, I thought I would tidy up the drawer first. I have had run-away shuttles and outbursts of same-colour threads in the past (any tatters with the same mysterious phenomena out there?), so I like to keep a close eye on all inventories.


And in addition to resource planning, this time I decided to check up on all works-in-progress to assess whether they will ever become finished goods and see the light of day some day. After a while, I started to see a pattern in my WIPs.



Needlework WIP – traditional embroidery of my homeland characterized by sewing of geometric patterns


I remember having fun doing the embroidery part shown here, but when it got to a point where the embroidered cloth was to then be made into a tote bag, my sewing quality went down by a few notches and I could not bear to continue.



Knotting WIP – somewhat similar to Celtic knots, but this is Asian Knots in which beads are quite often incorporated


I originally took it up because my mother wanted me to make a tassel for her fan to replace the old one that had become worn out. I began to experiment with a few knots and soon began to think it would be nice if I could make something for myself as well. But I was not too pleased with my knotting skills and I had to stop here.



Tatting WIP


This is one of my earliest work, when I did not yet know front-side / back-side tatting. Because it is elements after elements, rows after rows of repetition, I got bored with it fast and turned to other projects, where I learned about front-side / back-side tatting. After that, I never returned to this because I became an avid believer of front-side / back-side tatting and could no longer accept anything else.


But wait, there are some projects I did complete despite not being totally happy with how it came out… like this one:



Finished beads good – worked on in between knots and tats


The instructions were difficult to decipher and I did not like it at first, but I did not dislike it enough to throw it away. I left it once but I came back, and I finally got it done. I put it on my smart phone sac, and it has been dangling there ever since. It has grown on me!


So, maybe I have many WIPs lying around.

Maybe I could not finish them the first time around because I had too high hopes for them (or perhaps for myself).

But maybe I had kept them because if there ever was a second time I knew I would see them through to the end.

Maybe all their roads will eventually lead to completion, satisfaction, and growth… on me and in me.


I have good reasons to believe so – look, have you noticed a striking similarity between the WIPs and the finished good? The colours and geometric patterns are quite alike, suggesting my strong preference for them. Hmm, maybe all my WIPs are leading me to the next project I shall take on.


Maybe just because you have not finished something does not mean all roads end there… if you look closely, you just might find another way to progress.


5 thoughts on “All roads lead to…

    1. I remember being very disappointed when I saw them ruffle because I couldn’t keep the thread tension steady… but now that I’ve had them pressed while stacked away in the drawer, they’ve flattened out nicely and they don’t look as bad as I originally thought! I think I’m taking a liking to them all over again 😉

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