Random Thoughts

Out of this world

When I was a toddler, I took my first ever flight from my homeland to Europe. Including the refueling time in Anchorage, Alaska, I believe I spent more than an entire day on the plane before arriving at the final destination. It gets me excited that today, we are able to fly off to space with the same amount of time (though still with much higher flight fee).


Today, we sent out a rocket from my homeland to space to put our latest weather satellite in orbit. But that was not all it had on board – on its surface, it had a couple of mega-sized art pieces by my countryman comic artist who draws about two brothers’ journey to become astronauts. What was amazing about these pieces was that they were mosaics of drawings by children from all over our nation of their dreams.


There were no surprises in the dreams they drew that I saw on the news. It seemed the children today have much the same dreams my generation and the generations before me had. But their dreams are quite different from ours in that they were sent up and away into a universe of limitless space for growth and possibilities… that, we never got to do!


Maybe they do not yet realize just how precious an experience they had today (I know it’s very childish, but I can’t help being envious, and a little jealous, of them!).

But maybe when they begin to seriously chase after their dreams, they will remember about today and remind themselves that their dreams are free to take off to anywhere they wish.

Maybe by the time they reach for their dreams, the world will look nothing like it is today, so they might as well start thinking outside the box now.

Maybe some of their dreams will be attained outside of the world we know today – wouldn’t that be exciting for us grown-ups as well!


A big round of applause to the organizers of this project. Very appropriate for dreams in the twenty-first century, you have given them rocket engines (wings are definitely a thing of the past now!) to fly high. I think you have encouraged many children – and those of us who are still child (or childish?!) at heart – to hold dreams that are out of this world!


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