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Saying my prayers

Today is a holiday called the “Culture Day” in my homeland, a day on which our current Constitution was promulgated seventy years ago. Because it places utmost importance on maintaining a peaceful state and assuring the basic human right for every citizen to live healthy and civilized lives, today was made a day to remind ourselves to hold these values at the core of our culture.


I believe that these values are timeless – they should be upheld no matter how much times change and how much time changes us. I believe so because we have seriously erred with respect to these values in the not-so-distant past, and I feel that nothing would show more clearly how serious we are about our promise to never err again than having it in writing… in a document that defines the system of principles and beliefs by which we are to be governed.


But I also believe that seventy years is a long time to go without a single revision or amendment, or a structured nation-wide discussion to evaluate such necessity. I believe so especially in this day and age when changes can occur anywhere in the world and have impact on us almost simultaneously. I feel that we have come to a point in time when we must seriously consider the possibility that maintaining peace and assuring basic human rights for our people cannot be accomplished all on our own under our current Constitution.


Maybe it is time we can no longer stay ignorant or indifferent about this issue.

Maybe it is time we stopped postponing making decisions on how we want our nation to turn out going forward.


But maybe before we can raise awareness and draw attention and make decisions, we all got to have something to say.

Maybe we each must be able to say what we pray for in our future.


So I say my prayers… I pray that we become educated on the issues we are facing in modern times, so that we will be able to make informed decisions on how we can remain faithful to our promise to never err again and have our culture of peace and humanitarianism keep evolving with changing times all at the same time.


I even found someone who would pray with me here:



A praying mantis on a bed of Belgian mums


Where did I meet this devout prayer? I will tell you all about it, and then some, tomorrow!


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