Thoughts for No One in Particular

Paying attention pays

This is where I went yesterday



A shrine built in the honour of a Royalty and His beloved a few generations back, whose birthday was also yesterday


… and this is the reason I went:



A chrysanthemum fest


The flowers were as big as a baby’s head, requiring supports alongside the stems and below the flowers to keep them standing, but they were all so divinely elegant and full of dignity!


Most were of this type…



These are my favourite of this year, “First Emperor”


… but some were quite different…





… and others were oh so heavenly pretty.



“Scarlets of Heaven”


Except for the last Belgian mums, have you noticed that all flowers come in threes? They are not three separate flowers but they stem from the same root, branched out separately near the soil.


I did not notice this until an old lady looking at the flowers behind me pointed out. But she did not notice this either until she saw me looking down closely at the soil, because that was where the names of the flowers were. I had to crouch and stare because the tags were small and I have bad eye-sight, but I guess that got her attention.


What a funny misunderstanding… I felt very awkward when she thanked me for teaching her something new. But she said she was so happy she found a secret way to enjoy the flowers that not too many others knows, she thought I deserved the credit.


Maybe it takes a lot of effort to pay attention to something.

Maybe the something is so fine or too detailed that it is too cumbersome to pay attention to for many others.


But maybe it is not all pain without gain – for you or for others, and perhaps for mankind.

Maybe it pays to pay attention, no matter how insignificant or incomprehensible the object of your attention may appear to others.

Maybe you will inspire others to pay attention as well (albeit by grave misunderstanding!), and lead them to discoveries they would otherwise have overlooked entirely (albeit completely unintentionally!).


Cannot find anything to pay attention to? No worries, you can always pay attention to another who is… follow their line of sight, and maybe you will find a line of light shining on you!


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