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Keep it sharp

One of the things I notice to be borderless is the way the surface of the fridge is used – I am quite certain most of us have thing(s) magnetized to it. I have one, too.




It is no souvenir from a memorable trip, it was bought at a supermarket. It is cute, but it is not on the fridge for its cuteness. It is a magnet, but its main function is not as a magnet. It is used exclusively in the kitchen, but it does not directly assist in cooking. So, then, what exactly is it, you ask?


It is my kitchen knife sharpener!


The two white balls inside the plastic fish are whetstones, and I can easily sharpen my knives by sliding the blades through the slit. It is by no means the best sharpener available, but I am not the best cook anyway (in fact, I am mediocre at best) so it is just enough for me. It is handy and it gets the most important job done – it keeps my knives sharp at all times.


Now, maybe you are thinking, is it not dangerous for a mediocre at best cook to use sharp knives? On the contrary, it could not be any safer!


When my mother first taught me how to cook, she also taught me to always keep my knives sharp, so that I am always reminded that I could lose my fingers in an instant if I do not handle them with utmost care and attention. She also said that when the blades become blunt, you tend to be more forceful because they do not slide through the object of cutting as well as they used to, leading to less control over them and increased frequency and severity of injuries.


I did not believe her at first. I thought she was just trying to scare me so I would not use knives haphazardly. But I soon found out she was right all along when I started living on my own… oh so many painful learning experiences I had to go through to truly understand her teachings!


Maybe it seems counterintuitive to keep sharp something as potentially dangerous as knives.

But maybe by keeping them sharp, they keep your alertness sharp as well.

And maybe by keeping your alertness sharp, you will become alert of many other things around the original object of attention.

Maybe it will lead you to sharpen your interests, your skills, your senses… maybe even you yourself.


You do not need the best sharpener available. Just the one that keeps it sharp for you at all times is enough. But when you find the one, keep it where you can always see it – as I do with my knife sharpener – so you will always be motivated to sharpen up. I am quite certain most of us are magnetized to people who are always sharp… the irresistible attraction is borderless, I think!


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