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Where the piece fits



I have been working on this lovely tatting project all week. I have not celebrated this day since I returned to my homeland, but ever since I took up tatting, I have been wanting to tat this poppy for this day. And finally, I got it done this year!


… Well, almost. This project required tatting in parts and assembling the pieces with threads and wires. I did not have all the materials necessary to make the pieces, so I improvised on a few places – not too bad-looking, if I may say so myself! (I hope you will agree.)


But I did have an outstanding piece I could not improvise:




It is supposed to become the stamens when assembled, but I just could not quite figure out where it belonged. So, here it is, made but unused. The poppy is not in its complete form, but I will have to settle for what I was able to get done for this year. (If anyone can help me out on this, please, by all means!)


I am not satisfied, though. “Not too bad-looking” is not what I had aimed for, especially when considering the reason for wearing a poppy on this day – I do not feel I can fully show my utmost respect for those who died fighting to protect our future with this poppy. I feel so because it could get complicated politically to openly celebrate this day in my homeland, and wearing a poppy was the best way I could think of to celebrate quietly.


Maybe those commemorated today were fighting to protect the future that seemed right to them at the time.

Maybe, at times, the future that some wished to protect conflicted with that of others.

Maybe there were times it turned into fights against one another… that could not have been the right future for anyone, then or now.


Nevertheless, I am here today because they fought to protect a future that eventually lead to my being born and living to this day. Maybe you are too. I am glad that you and I are all here today to hope to share a future without conflicts that some of those before us did not have the chance to.


There are still many outstanding issues to be resolved before we can all live in such a future. But I pray that hope is not an outstanding piece in this puzzle – I pray that everyone who wears a poppy today will have this hope fitted in their hearts, right where it belongs.


And with this hope in my heart, I look to this day next year to be able to wear an even better-looking tatted poppy, with all pieces in place!


Happy Remembrance Day to everyone who is celebrating.


5 thoughts on “Where the piece fits

    1. Aw, thank you, notewords – I’m easily driven to be the harshest critic of myself when it comes to tatting, so your “positive reviews” are greatly appreciated 🙂 Thanks also for the advice – I’ll certainly look into Craftree!

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  1. Pattern: “Field/Wild Poppy – as worn on Remembrance Day” by J.W.
    Thread: Fine by Fujix (polyester hand sewing thread, size #40, colours: [petals] #178 – dark pink and #249 – dark red used together; [leaves and calyx (not shown, but it’s there!)] #355 – aquamarine and #359 –sea green used together; [beaded centre and stamens] #80 – dark navy doubled)
    Beads: [at the centre, instead of a button] 4 millimetres black pearl bead of unknown maker; [on beaded centre] navy beads from Miyuki Round Rocailles mixed beads #3065, size 11/0
    Florists wire: #24 by Sunrise (1 millimetre in diameter and 36 centimetres in length, dark green in colour)… I had no florists tape so I simply wound the wire on itself
    Size: [poppy alone] about 3 centimetres or slightly less than 1 1/4 inches; [from tip of top leaf to bottom of stem] about 7 centimetres or 2 3/4 inches


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