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All good if made good

Anyone got to enjoy the super moon last night? I heard it was the biggest and brightest full moon in sixty-eight years, so I sat by my window hoping to get a glimpse of it, but it rained all night in my town and I missed it completely… BIG SIGH!


But, we did get a clear view of a superstar this weekend, getting a visit from one of my favourite countrymen athletes – possibly the biggest and brightest in his sports in quite a while. I believe it was his last homecoming for the year, but boy did he make it special! He was in a league of his own, recording his first ever wire-to-wire victory… YOU ROCK!!!


In his interview afterwards, he attributed his win to the growth he has experienced abroad. When asked how different the course felt compared to the time he won five years ago when he was still an amateur, he said “I play on a variety of courses abroad, forcing me to raise the level of my play. I think that growth made the course here seem easier this time around. [my translation]”


Some sports journalists question his choice to come back to play at courses that now seem easy to him, saying that they can no longer let him grow and might even make him slack off because he can win there so easily. But he sees otherwise: “People who come to see me play in the few tournaments I come back for hold high expectations for me. I feel the level of these expectations, the size of the pressure to perform well, are measures of how much I can still grow. So I am always striving to meet their expectations. [my translation]”


And he added, “It is always a challenge to win, no matter how easy the course is and by how big a score you are winning. A win is a win, and it gives you confidence – it becomes good experience on how to win more. [my translation]”


Maybe the experiences you get to have are not the best out there.

Maybe others will tell you that some experiences are bad experiences, and you are better off not having any at all.


But maybe what makes you grow can only be determined by you.

So maybe all experiences you gain are good if you make them good, no matter what others say about them.

And maybe that is how you keep getting bigger and brighter, and possibly become a superstar in what you do one day.


Today is a day to celebrate the growth of our children in my homeland. The celebration is called “Seven-five-three,” for in the olden days there were rite-of-passage ceremonies held for children of these ages. We dress them up in traditional wear and take them to shrines to have them blessed for health and prosperity on or around this day.



A sibling of seven-year-old girl celebrating the age first allowed to wear full traditional wear attire and a five-year-old boy celebrating the age first allowed to wear former traditional wear trousers (FYI, age three marked the age first allowed to begin growing hair long for both boys and girls in the olden days) – I saw them, and many others, when I went to this shrine the other day


Happy “Seven-five-three” to all our supernovas celebrating this year – I wish you will have many many opportunities to gain experiences, learn to make them good for them, and grow big and bright… possibly into superstars, and maybe even into super moons!?


3 thoughts on “All good if made good

    1. Lucky you, notewords – I hope you got to enjoy it for all of us who couldn’t! I heard the moon is still so bright, it might dampen the Leonids meteor shower at its peak tonight… but I’m going to try to find some stray shooting stars anyway! Good luck to you, too, if you’re on the look-out 😉

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