Thoughts for No One in Particular

The limited edition

I took the day off today, without hesitation, because I just had to go get this limited edition!



My backyard (well, almost)


We had the first snowfall in November in fifty-four years, and first ever accumulation in November in the 140 years of weather records in my town today… which means, this could possibly be the first ever posting transmitted abroad of the garden with an extremely rare view of both autumn foliage and snow! So let me share a few more photos with you before I get into today’s scribbles.


Look over a pond…




… then walk across a bridge…




… to trek along a stream…




… and climb over a hill…




… and look back, only to find all footprints erased by fresh snow.




I hope you can tell why I did not hesitate to take the day off – how could I miss such an alluring limited edition!


But there was another reason, and maybe this was actually the key deciding factor: I knew the entire town was going to be severely disrupted by the snow, and I did not find it worthwhile – for me or for the people I work with – to risk getting caught up in the mess with very limited options to find a way out.


I thought it was best that we all agreed not to work today, so we could all avoid the inconvenience and irritation, as well as possible injuries. I thought so because I have full confidence that the town will regain all its functions once the snowfall stops and the people I work with will catch up on the delay we suffered today in no time.


Maybe this is not a typical line of thinking in my people.

Maybe some would see me as a slacker, not willing to work under poor conditions when others are.

But maybe I do not limit my thoughts on work only to occupying the same space and spending the same long hours.

Maybe I also think about such things as the overall productivity and team morale over the entire span of the projects we are undertaking.


And maybe this multi-dimensional thinking allows differentiating our work from others… maybe like finding only our footprints in the snow when looking back on the road many others have also traveled looking over ponds, walking across bridges, trekking along streams, and climbing over hills.

Maybe that is why limited editions are so irresistibly attractive, making us want to go get them without hesitation.


4 thoughts on “The limited edition

    1. Thank you, notewords – I’m glad I took the day off to take these photos yesterday, as the snow had all melted away by this afternoon. I was pretty productive and enthusiastic in taking on this “project,” wouldn’t you say? 😉

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